Turnco’s Handmade Airstream Sink Cutting Board Round Up!

Turnco’s Handmade Airstream Sink Cutting Board Round Up!

Last year while living on Whidbey Island, our friends – and husband and wife team – Janae and Kelly Cameron at Turnco Wood Goods offered to make us a cutting board for the Airstream sink to replace the round, white plastic one that was stained and warped. I was familiar with all the other awesome wood products they made, so obviously this was a no-brainer.


Our little maple, walnut and cherry Airstream Sink Cutting Board.

Our little maple, walnut and cherry Airstream Sink Cutting Board.

Soon, our friends Laura and Kevin at Riveted asked about getting an Airstream Sink Cutting Board made in walnut for their Airstream. Easy enough — they have the same model so we knew the sink would be the same size, Kelly just needed to swap out the cuts of wood to customize.

The walnut Riveted board.

The walnut Riveted board.

Then people who saw the Airstream, or our post about it, emailed asking if they could order one too, and from there, we started taking orders through our website for Kelly and Janae. Each board is made to order from local wood, and can be customized according to what you’d like.

Then our friend Grisel asked if Turnco could make a cutout for her Airstream Sink Cutting Board and this was born —

The Cutout.

The Cutout.

During the year, they started to find their way into Airstreams of all sized and shapes.

Carolyn's cutting board-- often seen at Highland Haven.

Carolyn’s cutting board– often seen at Highland Haven.

Dennis and Sandy's 2015 International.

Dennis and Sandy’s 2015 International.

Jeffrey's board.

Jeffrey’s board in his 2007 28′ International.

Stephanie's Serenity.

Stephanie’s Serenity.

And our first non-Airstream board! Chris’s Winnebago View!


The boards can now be seen in Airstreams from Seattle to Chicago to Kingston, New Hampshire and many places in between (CA, WI, SC, FL, TX, UT, VA, TN, NY, DE, IN and PA so far). If you’re interested in ordering one, you can find out more information here.

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The Maxxima MLN-10 Night Light with Sensor

The Maxxima MLN-10 Night Light with Sensor

Lucy is starting to lose her night vision — she’s fine during the day, but at night she goes for her water and misses the bowl, or if we’re walking, she trips on the curb. We’re afraid she’s going to hurt herself when she jumps off the Airstream couch (which she sneaks onto at night) so Deke found these awesome LED sensor night lights that are just perfect for her: the Maxxima MLN-10 LED Night Light.


They automatically turn on when light in the area gets low, so we’ve put one under the table for Lucy and, selfishly, we put one in the bathroom so I don’t kill myself if I need to get up in the middle of the night. I guess I might be a little night-vision-challenged as well…..

It's really hard to take a photo of a night light!

It’s really hard to take a photo of a night light!

The bulb part of the light moves 360 degrees so you can aim it where you want — huge bonus as well. For $12.99 for a pack of 4, this has been a great investment so far!

Airstream Cutting Board Sink Cover — we’re sharing the love!

Airstream Cutting Board Sink Cover — we’re sharing the love!

Since moving to Whidbey Island, we’ve been introduced to a whole slew of talented folks. We’ve met carpenters, farmers, and weavers (Oh my!). But the most talented are Janae and Kelly at Turnco Wood Goods. Soon after meeting them, we realized they had the aesthetic and the know-how to create some really awesome things for the Airstream, so we started a conversation which we hope you’ll be interested in!


We do a ton of cooking in the trailer. Roasts, bread, whole chickens… You name it, we’ve tried it. And the one thing I’ve had trouble finding is a large cutting board that fits our space. It’s especially hard when we’re both prepping — we need two large boards, which are obviously hard to store. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use the white cutting board that fits on the sink? Sure, but it just looks bad — it’s stained and scratched. I found this one that I thought would be perfect, but I just couldn’t dish out $230 for a cutting board… not matter how pretty. Then this one came along, but still at $140, it wasn’t perfect.

So we talked to Turnco about making one for us that fit into the sink, and gave them the ugly white plastic one as a template. With no instructions given, we were anxious to see what they’d come up with (because we love everything they make, we knew it would be good).

Here’s our cutting board!


The board is made from a mix of maple, walnut and cherry and is fitted on both sides to fit over the lip of the sink so you can use both surfaces — make one messy, keep one clean or use one for veggies and one for meat. Genius!


You want one don’t you? Well, Turnco has graciously accepted the challenge to beautify Airstreams everywhere by custom making cutting boards for those interested (Keep in mind that these fit the round Airstream sinks with the inside diameter of 16″). We’ll be taking orders for them through our new SHOP page, and the cutting board will be shipped as soon as it’s ready (typical production time is 14 days). If you want to request a specific wood combo, let us know (an all walnut version will be slightly more expensive). Laura and Kevin ordered one in walnut that you can see on their blog.

As William Morris said, “Have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Done and done.

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Turnco Wood Goods, Whidbey Island

Turnco Wood Goods, Whidbey Island

We’ve been fortunate here on Whidbey to meet a lot of cool and interesting people who moved here for more or less the same reasons we did: a more laid back place to raise a family and run a business — and over all, just to live a more simply. Enter Janae and Kelly who just happen to be awesome woodworkers as well! Do yourself a favor and visit their site, Turnco Wood Goods, or check out Food52.com or Beam and Anchor to buy. 

Cutting Board with bark edges - super cool!

Cutting Board with bark edges – super cool!

Wanting to live and work in their own space on their own property, Janae and Kelly moved to Whidbey Island from Vancouver, British Columbia, bringing with them a love of mid-century design and the skill to make super high quality items.

Turnco Woodgoods Jar

Turnco Woodgoods Jar and Salt Cellar

As you all know, living in a small space requires being clever with your home items — multi-use tools and smaller sizes of essentials like cutting boards are a joy — when you can find them. But we haven’t found a lot that are also really high quality. And it’s just a bonus that they’re made by people down the road from wood they procured from the neighborhood. You should really give them a shout if you’re on the island and see about stopping by the studio. (Above: These jars have suctioning tops, so you can put them in the cupboard when you’re on the road and things won’t fall out.)

turnco wood rolling pin

The World’s First “Sized for Airstreamers” 13 inch wood Rolling Pin!

The item I love the most (so far) is my rolling pin made from local Madrona wood. It fits perfectly in the silverware drawer and is a dream to work with. We’re so impressed with the work of Kelly and Janae that we’re not stopping here — we’re talking to them about making us a wooden table for the dinette. I think it’s going to be beautiful!

Blue Ridge Chairworks Camping Chairs. Hmmmm…

Blue Ridge Chairworks Camping Chairs. Hmmmm…


I don’t really know how to write this post, I’ve been struggling.  But in the end, the Highland Deck Chair from Blue Ridge Chairworks isn’t for me, but it might be for you depending on what you’re looking for!

Let’s start at the beginning…

We’ve been searching for the perfect camping chairs for years and saw this chair on www.remodelista.com in an article about folding camp-style chairs. We checked out the website and really liked the options available. We wanted something that was well-made, would last a long time, and was easy to fold and store. Since the company is in Asheville, NC and their products are American made — that was also a bonus (however, the fabric used has a Made in Vietnam tag — slight bummer). After reading some reviews and watching a few videos, we were excited to order two of the Highland Deck Chairs.


The Pros

  • The quality of wood is obviously top-notch – well sanded, sturdy and attractive.
  • The chairs are sturdy and the joints and moving parts are well made.
  • They’ve been sitting in the damp for months and besides being a little tough to open, seem to be fine. There IS a bit of mold on the surface, but it wipes off with a brush.

The Cons

  • They’re expensive. $161 (although the price seems to be dropping online recently).
  • They’re not easy to unfold. They don’t work like your typical folding chair — you really need two hands and a leg to get them unfolded.
  • For me, they’re almost too big. The wooden bar at the end of the seat hits just at the wrong place on my legs, so it’s pretty uncomfortable to sit in.


Blue Ridge Highlands Outdoor Directors Deck Chair

List Price: $218.00 USD
New From: $156.95 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock