About Us

Tiffani Waters

Tiffani Waters

Co-Pilot, Planner, Navigator

  • Crowd Pleaser 100%
  • Art History Fact Afficianado 60%
  • Seamstress 30%
  • Dog Shelter Volunteer 40%
Deke Waters

Deke Waters

Co-Pilot, Mechanic, Sewer Jockey

  • Computer Nerd 90%
  • Photographer 60%
  • Stargazer 40%
  • Gamer 40%

Our Story

We’re a couple of Airstream owners who caught the RVing bug somewhat early in life. First off, we love to travel, and we want to do more of it while we’re able. That’s probably the first thing you’ll read about here. Also, we travel with dogs, and finding last minute accommodations can be somewhat tricky. RVing makes that much less difficult – we’ll write about that too. But the REAL reason we’re so passionate about RVing is that it just makes sense for us and the lifestyle we recently realized we’ve always wanted.

Our dream life is a little different than most folks’ our age. The material things we’ve worked for all of our lives – hefty mortgage, car payments, cable tv, daily cappafrappacinnos – are all things we just don’t need or even want. In fact, they’ve become burdensome (Tell me again why we upgraded to that Whirlpool tub?).

The more we researched alternative ways of living, the more we realized how little we need to be truly happy. The most important things in life are our family, our friends, and ourselves – and we’re just not able to spend enough time with any of them in our current life trajectory. So we’ve decided to change gears, slowly but surely.

We plan to travel this continent and get as much out of life as we can, while we can. We’ll write about it here if you promise to follow, and we’d love to hear your stories as well!

Deke and Tiffani Waters

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