That’s us. Just a couple of Airstream owners who caught the RVing bug somewhat early in life. Yes, of course we love to travel, and we want to do more of it while we’re able. That’s probably the first thing you’ll read about on this blog. Also, we travel with dogs, so finding last minute accommodations can be somewhat tricky. We’ll write about that too. But the REAL reason we’re so passionate about RVing is that it just makes sense for us.

We realized our dream life is a little different from most folks’ our age. The material things we’ve worked for up to now – hefty mortgage, car payments, cable tv, daily cappafrappacinno – are all things we just don’t need or even want. In fact, they’ve become burdensome. (Tell me again why we upgraded to that Whirlpool tub?)

The more we researched alternative ways of living, the more we realized how little we need to be truly happy. The most important things in life are our family, our friends, and ourselves – and we’re just not able to spend enough time with any of them in our current life trajectory. So we’ve decided to change gears, slowly but surely.

As time goes by, we went from weekenders to full time RVers, and in February 2011, we took the big leap into living in our Airstream fulltime.  We plan to travel this continent and get as much out of life as we can, while we can. We’ll write about it here if you promise to follow.

Deke and Tiffani Waters


Frequently Asked Questions about Weaselmouth

Who is the Weasel?

We named our 22′ Airstream International CCD “The Weasel” or “Weas” for short. Why? dunno. Sounded more original than “Silver Bullet” or “Aluminum Glory.”

Tell me again, why are you moving into an Airstream?

You can read all about why we’re moving into an Airstream (or why we moved into an Airstream if it’s after February 2011), by reading these posts:

So why name this site

This one I learned from Tiff. Weaselmouthing is when something or someone irritates you just beyond the point of a grimace. You purse your lips tightly, showing just a sliver of front teeth, and squint your eyes – imagine an angry weasel. The result is the only glare that’s both adorable and badass at the same time. That pretty much sums up our little 22′ home away from home – adorable and badass, like a weaselmouth.

Ok, then why do you sometimes call it the Big Weaz?

The Big Weaz is our 2010 27FB Airstream International CCD. We loved the Weasel, but we didn’t love the idea of living fulltime in an RV that had a wet bath, no couch, and no walk around bed. We decided to take advantage of the economic slump to sell our 22′ Airstream and go with a bigger model. Read about the transition starting here, choosing the best Airstream for us.