Spot #61.

Well, we’ve been here a year and although we’ve camped a little bit, we’ve not taken advantage of short weekend trips to some great campgrounds really close to Raleigh. As fall approaches, we decided to hit Jordan Lake in Apex. Exactly 21 miles from our house, Jordan Lake has several campgrounds. We chose Crosswinds Campground because it’s on the east side of the lake (closer to us) and it looked very tree-filled, which is what we wanted.

This specific campground within the larger park is smaller, has water and power and beach access but no boat launch like two of the other campground locations. The spots closest to the beach have fewer trees, but all spots are easily walkable to the water.

Beach area -- with kayaks to use!

Beach area — with kayaks to use!

Most spots are very level — ours was a bit unusual because it sloped downwards, but leveled out at the bottom with just enough space. I wouldn’t recommend a motorhome for this spot! However, it was a great spot with a lot of trees and privacy. We could only see one other camper on one side, but a good distance away.

All spots have a fire pit, and obviously a lot of space.

All spots have a fire pit, and obviously a lot of space.

We’re kicking ourselves for not visiting this campground sooner, and we’re looking forward to checking out the other locations within Jordan Lake Rec Area!