Last year while living on Whidbey Island, our friends – and husband and wife team – Janae and Kelly Cameron at Turnco Wood Goods offered to make us a cutting board for the Airstream sink to replace the round, white plastic one that was stained and warped. I was familiar with all the other awesome wood products they made, so obviously this was a no-brainer.


Our little maple, walnut and cherry Airstream Sink Cutting Board.

Our little maple, walnut and cherry Airstream Sink Cutting Board.

Soon, our friends Laura and Kevin at Riveted asked about getting an Airstream Sink Cutting Board made in walnut for their Airstream. Easy enough — they have the same model so we knew the sink would be the same size, Kelly just needed to swap out the cuts of wood to customize.

The walnut Riveted board.

The walnut Riveted board.

Then people who saw the Airstream, or our post about it, emailed asking if they could order one too, and from there, we started taking orders through our website for Kelly and Janae. Each board is made to order from local wood, and can be customized according to what you’d like.

Then our friend Grisel asked if Turnco could make a cutout for her Airstream Sink Cutting Board and this was born —

The Cutout.

The Cutout.

During the year, they started to find their way into Airstreams of all sized and shapes.

Carolyn's cutting board-- often seen at Highland Haven.

Carolyn’s cutting board– often seen at Highland Haven.

Dennis and Sandy's 2015 International.

Dennis and Sandy’s 2015 International.

Jeffrey's board.

Jeffrey’s board in his 2007 28′ International.

Stephanie's Serenity.

Stephanie’s Serenity.

And our first non-Airstream board! Chris’s Winnebago View!


The boards can now be seen in Airstreams from Seattle to Chicago to Kingston, New Hampshire and many places in between (CA, WI, SC, FL, TX, UT, VA, TN, NY, DE, IN and PA so far). If you’re interested in ordering one, you can find out more information here.

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