Dee Zee DZ43203 Truck Tailgate Assist

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Dee Zee Truck Tailgate Assist

After years of trying to catch our a heavy falling tailgate, we decided to do something about it with the Dee Zee Truck Tailgate Assist.

Trying to catch a falling 70+ lb tailgate with arms full of groceries is not my idea of fun. To avoid this dilemma, we purchased and installed the Dee Zee Truck Tailgate Assist. It’s a simple after market shock absorber that you can easily install yourself without doing permanent damage to your truck. I can’t recommend this thing enough, and I’m pissed we didn’t buy one sooner!


Installation was super easy. I followed their written instructions – the only stumbling point was setting the initial screw post – but I could have easily avoided confusion if i had simply viewed their step by step videos (here). That said, it was easily resolved an not even enough of a stumble to describe here. In other words – if you can turn a screw, you can install this thing!


If you own a truck, you need this product! No more banging your hip or the trailer jack with the tailgate! Just open and watch it subtly glide down like magic.