Lucy is starting to lose her night vision — she’s fine during the day, but at night she goes for her water and misses the bowl, or if we’re walking, she trips on the curb. We’re afraid she’s going to hurt herself when she jumps off the Airstream couch (which she sneaks onto at night) so Deke found these awesome LED sensor night lights that are just perfect for her: the Maxxima MLN-10 LED Night Light.


They automatically turn on when light in the area gets low, so we’ve put one under the table for Lucy and, selfishly, we put one in the bathroom so I don’t kill myself if I need to get up in the middle of the night. I guess I might be a little night-vision-challenged as well…..

It's really hard to take a photo of a night light!

It’s really hard to take a photo of a night light!

The bulb part of the light moves 360 degrees so you can aim it where you want — huge bonus as well. For $12.99 for a pack of 4, this has been a great investment so far!