Airstream Cutting Board Sink Cover — we’re sharing the love!

Airstream Cutting Board Sink Cover — we’re sharing the love!

Since moving to Whidbey Island, we’ve been introduced to a whole slew of talented folks. We’ve met carpenters, farmers, and weavers (Oh my!). But the most talented are Janae and Kelly at Turnco Wood Goods. Soon after meeting them, we realized they had the aesthetic and the know-how to create some really awesome things for the Airstream, so we started a conversation which we hope you’ll be interested in!


We do a ton of cooking in the trailer. Roasts, bread, whole chickens… You name it, we’ve tried it. And the one thing I’ve had trouble finding is a large cutting board that fits our space. It’s especially hard when we’re both prepping — we need two large boards, which are obviously hard to store. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use the white cutting board that fits on the sink? Sure, but it just looks bad — it’s stained and scratched. I found this one that I thought would be perfect, but I just couldn’t dish out $230 for a cutting board… not matter how pretty. Then this one came along, but still at $140, it wasn’t perfect.

So we talked to Turnco about making one for us that fit into the sink, and gave them the ugly white plastic one as a template. With no instructions given, we were anxious to see what they’d come up with (because we love everything they make, we knew it would be good).

Here’s our cutting board!


The board is made from a mix of maple, walnut and cherry and is fitted on both sides to fit over the lip of the sink so you can use both surfaces — make one messy, keep one clean or use one for veggies and one for meat. Genius!


You want one don’t you? Well, Turnco has graciously accepted the challenge to beautify Airstreams everywhere by custom making cutting boards for those interested (Keep in mind that these fit the round Airstream sinks with the inside diameter of 16″). We’ll be taking orders for them through our new SHOP page, and the cutting board will be shipped as soon as it’s ready (typical production time is 14 days). If you want to request a specific wood combo, let us know (an all walnut version will be slightly more expensive). Laura and Kevin ordered one in walnut that you can see on their blog.

As William Morris said, “Have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Done and done.

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  1. Gorgeous! I think we’ll need a rectangular one for our T@B sink (and we’re in Seattle so we can come on over to pick it up). Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  2. Hi Tiffani–can you check and see if the 2015 Int’l 27FB takes the same size as yours? I definitely want one.

    • Hi Richard! Yep, let me see if I can find the specs for the 25′ sink. If I cant find them, could you measure the interior diameter for me and snap a photo to show the lip that extends over the counter?

  3. Looks great and glad you have set up a shopping section. Can’t wait to see the other local artist you’ll find and bring to us all. I’ll be ordering one of these soon but in a classic sailboat decking style.

    • Nick, Im so sorry we didn’t get to see you before we left. But I know we’ll visit soon and get together!

  4. Any idea on the price? I wouldn’t want you to ask if it’s out of my price range for a cutting board. Love the idea, I tried to use an old one from an old camper we had, but it was just a bit too small. Can’t tell you how many times it slipped. grrrr. Thanks for always “looking” for cool stuff! By the way, hows your move to North Carolina going?

    • The move is going great… what year is your Airstream (Im thinking its early 80s, right?). I’ll check out the sink dimensions and see what it might cost. The trip is going great — we made it to Raleigh yesterday. Should be a fun little adventure!

  5. Love! Think they could do the same thing for the square sink in the 19′ ??

    • I can definitely check with them… as long as Airstream lists really good measurements on the sink, they might be able to! I’ll get back to you!

    • Amy, what model is your 19ft Airstream? I’ll see if I can look up the measurements and get a price for you!

    • Tiffani – We have the 2009 19′ International Signature. I think we’d want the darker one, like Laura and Kevin’s. If measurements aren’t available, perhaps I could send them the ugly white one as a template :) Thanks for checking into it!

    • You got it! I’ll get back to you!

    • Hi again… the Airstream parts catalog doesn’t have measurements for your sink. Can you do me a favor and measure the inside diameter? I think I could find it elsewhere with that measurement! Thanks!

  6. Beautiful work and a great design idea for the trailer. One of the things we’ve been wondering about while we search for the trailer is how to cook with so little workspace. This cutting board should really help with that. And it’s beautiful as well! I can only hope that we will soon have a trailer to put one in… Thanks for all the great photos and posts on your cross country travel. Hope the tooth is well Deke. I’m back to Chicago on Friday to get my recent canal x-rayed. Take care and safe travels. RIchard

    • Cooking in the Airstream takes practice for sure, but you’ll get the hang of it! You might have to change up some recipes to make fewer dirty dishes, but it’s really not that bad once you get into the groove! We’ve got a few more posts to put up about the trip — Nashville and North Carolina, but we didn’t have internet all last week! Say hi to Chicago for us!

  7. Well, thats well and good for the round boards, but what about my “vintage” 1988 Excella square double sink that no longer has any cutting board (not to mention room to cook)? I bought one at CamperWorld that was adjustable white plastic that “works” sort of….but I would love to have one that FIT! Thanks for always looking for cool stuff.

    • Hi Sandi! Well, if you want me to ask them if they’d make you one, I certainly will! Anything for you! It would just take a lot of really good measurements and some photos of your sink!

  8. I love that sink cutting board! I was wondering, if they can make a small opening (moon shape) like the one Dave made (Dave and Ann Adventures blog)? I love the opening, in case the need to rinse a veggie while cutting and not having to remove the board completely while chopping.

    • They probably can… let me take a look at Dave’s and ask!

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