We’ve been fortunate here on Whidbey to meet a lot of cool and interesting people who moved here for more or less the same reasons we did: a more laid back place to raise a family and run a business — and over all, just to live a more simply. Enter Janae and Kelly who just happen to be awesome woodworkers as well! Do yourself a favor and visit their site, Turnco Wood Goods, or check out Food52.com or Beam and Anchor to buy. 

Cutting Board with bark edges - super cool!

Cutting Board with bark edges – super cool!

Wanting to live and work in their own space on their own property, Janae and Kelly moved to Whidbey Island from Vancouver, British Columbia, bringing with them a love of mid-century design and the skill to make super high quality items.

Turnco Woodgoods Jar

Turnco Woodgoods Jar and Salt Cellar

As you all know, living in a small space requires being clever with your home items — multi-use tools and smaller sizes of essentials like cutting boards are a joy — when you can find them. But we haven’t found a lot that are also really high quality. And it’s just a bonus that they’re made by people down the road from wood they procured from the neighborhood. You should really give them a shout if you’re on the island and see about stopping by the studio. (Above: These jars have suctioning tops, so you can put them in the cupboard when you’re on the road and things won’t fall out.)

turnco wood rolling pin

The World’s First “Sized for Airstreamers” 13 inch wood Rolling Pin!

The item I love the most (so far) is my rolling pin made from local Madrona wood. It fits perfectly in the silverware drawer and is a dream to work with. We’re so impressed with the work of Kelly and Janae that we’re not stopping here — we’re talking to them about making us a wooden table for the dinette. I think it’s going to be beautiful!