I don’t really know how to write this post, I’ve been struggling.  But in the end, the Highland Deck Chair from Blue Ridge Chairworks isn’t for me, but it might be for you depending on what you’re looking for!

Let’s start at the beginning…

We’ve been searching for the perfect camping chairs for years and saw this chair on in an article about folding camp-style chairs. We checked out the website and really liked the options available. We wanted something that was well-made, would last a long time, and was easy to fold and store. Since the company is in Asheville, NC and their products are American made — that was also a bonus (however, the fabric used has a Made in Vietnam tag — slight bummer). After reading some reviews and watching a few videos, we were excited to order two of the Highland Deck Chairs.


The Pros

  • The quality of wood is obviously top-notch – well sanded, sturdy and attractive.
  • The chairs are sturdy and the joints and moving parts are well made.
  • They’ve been sitting in the damp for months and besides being a little tough to open, seem to be fine. There IS a bit of mold on the surface, but it wipes off with a brush.

The Cons

  • They’re expensive. $161 (although the price seems to be dropping online recently).
  • They’re not easy to unfold. They don’t work like your typical folding chair — you really need two hands and a leg to get them unfolded.
  • For me, they’re almost too big. The wooden bar at the end of the seat hits just at the wrong place on my legs, so it’s pretty uncomfortable to sit in.


Highlands Deck Beach Chair Finish: Navy Blue

List Price:$170.14 USD
New From:$170.14 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock