A few weeks ago, we were asked to evaluate a product called the AnimAlarm, a simple solution to a very big problem for many RV owners. The Animalarm is a little gadget that wirelessly monitors the temperature in any environment. Even better, it TEXTS you when the temperature gets too hot or too cold! Read on for our Review.


The Need

A few years ago, Tiffani, Lucy, and I chose to live in a place where summers held 100+ degree temperatures for 70, sometimes 80 days in a row. As if that wasn’t insane enough, we also opted to live in an Airstream fulltime in that kind of heat. If you’ve ever thought about living inside of a live metal toaster, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Leaving Lucy alone in the Airstream for any length of time was extremely stressful. We kept the AC on full blast day and night, but what if it failed while we were away? What if the power went out? We had no way of knowing, so we would  typically just stay home with her. Not exactly what we had in mind for our new-found “free” RV lifestyle.

We often dreamed of a product like the Animalarm back then, and now that we’ve used it, we’re happy to report it’s a success.


How It Works

Using the AnimalArm is a breeze once you get it set up with a SIM card…. a what???

A SIM card is the little memory card that you stick into a cell phone so that it can communicate with a cell company’s network. We don’t really futz with SIM cards very often in the US, but other countries have loads of products requiring you to swap sim cards around. Our evaluation model came with a prepaid SIM card, but they are easy to find and cheap on Amazon  – like this one (affiliate link) Prepaid AT&T Sim Card GO PHONE

Once you plug-in your SIM card, a truly plug-and-play affair, you only need to give it a number where you’d like to receive text message alarms. Once complete, you’re ready to set your temperature alarm ranges. You simply press the big gear button to cycle through the simple settings interface to set the upper and lower temperatures.


This establishes the temperature at which the AnimAlarm sends warning emails. If all goes well, you should see something like this:

Initial AnimAlarm Text Message

Initial AnimAlarm Text Message

And that’s it! From now on, when the air around your AnimAlarm gets above or below the temperature you’ve set, you’ll get a friendly text message letting you know the Temperature, Battery, and Signal strength. Battery and signal strength are especially nice to have for those of us who boondock and still want to know if the temps get out of range.


If you own a pet and ever need to leave it alone in any environment, you might want to check out the Animalarm. It’s great for RVers, but it’s also good if you ever leave your pet in the car (which you shouldn’t do), or even if you leave your pets alone at home and want to make sure they’re comfortable. It’s simple to set up and use, is relatively inexpensive, and more importantly, it gives you piece of mind while you’re away. For our situation, this is must have, we only wish we’d known about it sooner.

  • compact size
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Works with any cell company
  • comes with all the cables and plugs necessary
  • only text messages – no email option
  • texting may not be free with your cell plan
  • AnimAlarm device
  • USB cord
  • Power Plug
  • Instructions
  • Trial SIM Card