Our first night in Canada with the group was spent at the West Bay Beach Resort in Kelowna, aka The Napa Valley of Canada. The rate was $55/night and they let us book a group site although they have pretty strict rules about summer reservations (they only book for a week at a time and they don’t accept dogs during July and August). I don’t know how Leigh pulled it off, but 8 of us rolled in past the vineyards with 4 dogs and it worked out great. If you want a spot close to sightseeing activities in Kelowna and don’t mind not having any privacy, this is a good start.


We were given a center lawn area with full hookups and parked the best we could — it was cozy, but even Gorilla had a seat.


The park has 400 feet of beachfront access, a boat launch, and is next door to a llama/alpaca farm (although I only saw 6 animals — that might not be a farm).

We think The Napa Valley of Canada is a fitting description for this place — the rolling hills and lines of vineyards might not be as expansive as Napa, but is there wine tasting? Yes. And that’s what I was looking for.

We hit several vineyards, from the insanely large Mission Hill,


to, my favorite of the group, the teeny tiny Rollingdale Winery.


We also went to Quail’s Gate and had an awesome lunch for Brian’s birthday and got to walk through the vineyards and eat some grapes. I mean look at the scenery. Deke stole Leigh’s Happy Birthday Brian pin — seen here. He looks like a soccer dad.