We don’t meet many Airstreaming couples that have twin beds, so after a few chats with Nick and Dania about their 27ft Flying Cloud, we asked them to do a little post about their experience. So here’s Nick and Dania – and after reading, be sure to check out their new search site for courtesy parking, Airdriveway.com!

This is a classic Airstream debate with many valid opinions and arguments from both sides.  This post is only my opinion.  But fortunately for you readers, it also happens to be the right one.  So without further delay, here’s why twins rock.

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Despite looking like we have marriage problems, separate beds has some big pluses. I move a lot while I sleep and in a twin, flopping around all night doesn’t disturb my wife.  Sneaking out early in the morning for a walk or staying up late reading, also part of the separate beds benefit.


The floor plan of a twin configuration is another benefit.  We both like the look of the long aisle from end to end of the trailer.  Access to the overhead bins is much easier.  We have a large changing area between the bed instead of two thinner ones on either side.  This is great for getting ready and making the beds.  The aisle makes a comfy, “get out of our way” area for our dogs.

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The extra storage in a twin almost seems unfair.  Internally, we have two cabinets under each bed where we keep boots and shoes, linens and blankets, a fan, ski clothes, a bike (I think?).  In addition, we also have wardrobes at the foot of each beds. Externally we get two extra compartments on the sides.  I keep so much in those compartments I’m not sure what I would do if I only had that awkward behind-the-propane-tanks area.  But that awkward area is freed up for big items like a canopy, folding chairs and such.

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And for my last consideration, entertaining.  A bedroom with a full size bed is always a bedroom.  But with twins, the room can be a second living or entertainment area.  If we are camping with a bunch of friends we’ll set up the beds as couches during the day.  Put a small table between the beds and you’ve got a nice little game lair for us nerds. There have been many a time when the girls are up in the gallery area having drinks while the guys are in the back getting crazy with some chess.

Yes, to be fair there are a couple of negatives.  For us they weren’t enough to sway us but they may be for you.

Having to buy two of all bedding is a drag.  The price of twin bedding isn’t that much cheaper than full so you pretty much have to double your costs.   My wife likes to change out our duvets often so I get to complain about this every few months.

Snuggling may be the deal breaker for some and it is missed for sure.  But sneaking into a twin at night is kinda fun and when it’s cold enough, we actually both fit just fine.  And then there’s that thing they say about absence, makes me better looking or something like that.

A queen or full bed makes the room look more like a real master bedroom, inviting and cozy.  Twins make it look like a kids room, like we’re going to stay up all night with flashlights telling fart jokes.

For us, we’d probably be happy either way but right now, the twin configuration is amazing and we would choose it again for sure.  When we full time someday in the future, I will probably revisit the idea of one big bed.



Nick Parsons of AirDriveway.com – RV Parking