Making new curtains for an Airstream is both easy and hard. Overall, sewing curtains is pretty easy (compared to, say, upholstery), but dealing with blackout fabric and those little curtain elastic tabs can be challenging. I’ve seen quotes from $400 to $1000 for Airstream curtains, and in the end, I hope everyone is happy with their choice, but personally, I don’t need $1000 curtains. And most likely, you don’t either.


I’ve made 3 sets of curtains in 2 years for us, and was a little hesitant when Aluminarium asked me to make a set (living room and bedroom) for them. I can live with mistakes I might make, but could they? I mean, I’m by no means a professional.


After a few months (or several, really) I delivered the curtains this weekend, and I have to say, I was pretty happy with the outcome. Are there mistakes? Yes. Some of the hems don’t square up perfectly on the reverse. Do they line up perfectly? Not always, but they’re the best I’ve done so far.

I’m not sure I want to make curtains for other people. Everyone has different standards and expectations and I don’t think I can live up to most of them, but we’ll see. I’m thinking about it.

I made these for Leigh and Brian because I know their taste, I spent time with them and we talked a lot along the way about they wanted the curtains to look, and I think that was an important part of how it all played out. Leigh spent a lot of time looking at fabric and really focused on what would change the whole look of their Airstream, and I think she picked out the perfect pattern.

See this look on my face? Its relief they worked out. 🙂


All photos except the first one by Leigh. You can see the finished result here: