We took the 100 Things Challenge when we moved into the Airstream in 2011. However, we didn’t count the things we had in storage (that’s probably cheating, right?). Still we each had under 100 things on our list, so we felt really good about it.

Over the last 2 years we got rid of everything in the storage unit, but gained a lot of other things as we moved to a different city with a different climate. We’ve had a few conversations with folks in the last month that made us realize we haven’t really taken a good inventory lately, so we decided to do an update.

As I’ve been commenting about this task on Facebook, the best comment came from Dave who said he admired our “liberal accounting” in tallying up the numbers. It’s true, we’re not counting every little item (we have about 300 Qtips alone) but more like counting things that take up significant space. For example, we have a binder that holds video games, so we count the binder, not each game. But we do count every shirt and pair of pants, each toothbrush and each rug.

Overall the numbers are about the same — we had 170 total 2 years ago, and we have 190 now. We accumulated more things out of necessity (dishtowels, shoes, flashlights, compass) and added a few luxury items (snowshoes, pillows,


spice grinder) but got rid of a lot of redundancies (we didn’t really need all those flashlights after the blog post, and I certainly didn’t need 5 pots and pans).

Here’s a look at some of the changes:


The french press made way for the Nespresso.


My Sanuks were replaced with a pair of Toms.

Our hand mixer was given away, and we got a spice grinder instead.

Snowshoes, bikes,tents, sleeping bags, a hammock


and a generator came onboard, but the tank tops and shorts we needed in Texas were donated. Deke got rid of a lot of shoes, but gained those slots back in hoodies.

I thought we’d piled on a lot more than we did, and I’m sure I missed a few things. Overall, we’re pretty happy about keeping it on the minimal side!