A few weeks ago Anna of Glamper asked what she should pack as she drove east to pick up her new Airstream. My first suggestion is always: A flashlight. So here it is, our Flashlight Roundup!

Flashlight Roundup

Flashlights and lanterns are something I love. We’ve been in so many situations where a flashlight was a life saver — backing into a spot at a park that has no lights (not even moonlight), having to hitch up the trailer in the middle of the night because of a storm, losing power during a Texas tornado … it goes on and on.

We’ve tried more than a few flashlights and lanterns in the past few years so here’s a rundown of our favorites.

Flashlight Roundup

The Old Reliables

The Black Diamond – We got this lantern last year and it remains one of my must haves in the Airstream. It’s very bright, you can sit it on a table or hang it up and it’s lightweight.  We’ve used this indoors and out.

Streamlight Stinger – Our neighbor at the Shady Creek RV Park in Texas had this flashlight, and once we saw it in action, we had to have one.  It’s incredibly bright and comes with a recharger. With this flashlight, you can literally see things half a mile away.

 Keep Next to the Door

We keep the Hybrid Light HL40 next to the front door because it works during any situation. It’s incredibly lightweight (haven’t we all had to hold a flashlight in our mouths while fixing something outside?) and waterproof so we can use it in the rain. Plus the shaft of the flashlight is a solar panel allowing it to run for 8 hours on one charge. It also has 2 coin batteries at the top for back up power if needed. You can read all about how they work on the Hybrid Light website.

Buy Two Of

When we bought our first Airstream, the previous owner said “go out and buy a headlamp”, so we did and it was fantastic advice. We use it all the time in those situations where we need both hands (hitching up, grilling, walking the dog in the dark…).  We have the Petzl Tikki Plus with 4 settings and its perfect. I suggest buying one for each person.


I’m a light sleeper, so when the bathroom light goes on in the middle of the night, I’m up. My solution to this was to buy this Coleman Mini Lantern and hang it underneath the bathroom cabinet shelf or sit it on the counter and just keep it on at night. It’s a perfect nightlight — not very bright.

Flashlight Roundup


Extras To Have Around

These two lights we bought because they were different from all the others and wanted to try them out. The first two photos are from an Energizer Flashlight/Lantern combo. I can’t find it on Amazon, and I don’t know where we got it, but there are a few like it online. It’s bigger than all the other ones, but it really lightweight and if you need to be hands-free, you can sit it down on its top, which is handy.

Flashlight Roundup


Flashlight Roundup

This other one has no information on it — no name, so number, no nothing, but here it is! It’s also a flashlight that expands out to a lantern. It kind of looks like this Coleman.

Flashlight Roundup