Lucy doesn’t like any dog bed.

Lucy doesn’t like any dog bed.

We got Lucy from the Chicago pound when we still lived in an apartment, but she always loved camping in the Airstream, so we figured she’d be fine with fulltime living. She still loves it — she loves riding in the truck, she loves hiking and watching the ducks. However, Lucy doesn’t like any dog bed.

For example, dog bed covered with super soft quilting fabric:

REI air bed:

I gave up on any kind of bed, and thought a soft blanket would be nice:

Maybe we’ll try the REI bed again:

How about something soft to lie on outside?

I’ll take all dog bed recommendations!!


  1. I would suggest you use a blanket that you’ve used reguarly that has your scent on it. One that you perhaps want to replace anyway. When you buy the new one, fold or ball the old one up for the dog. Our dog always prefers this.

    • Hi! I just did this! We had an old quilt that started to shred … I cut it into 4 pieces and she loves it!

  2. Love your blog! I couldn’t help but comment, as we’ve discovered our rescue cat seems to actually prefer harder surfaces to soft ones. She chooses the hardwood floors, our wood coffee table, or a wood side chair over the couch or rug most evenings. And she loves to use her cardboard scratching pad as a pillow – sounds like she and Lucy could be long lost buds! I hope you’ve found something she does like though – good luck!

    • That’s so funny! I guess we dont always know animals as well as we think we do! Thanks so much for reading the blog, I hope you find it helpful!

  3. sweet girl, looks like she’s just happy with a pillow!

  4. Hilarious pictures:)

    My dogs love this microfiber rug (in a smaller version). And my wife loves it because it cleans with just a couple of shakes. We have two in the airstream, at the door and under the table.
    btw, you may want to consider switching to ultraleather cushions someday. It’s so much easier than the fabric with dogs, I don’t know how we lived without it.

    • Oh, this looks cool! I bought her a microfiber bed last year, but it was too small for her, so this might work better! And, about the ultraleather — oh how I WISH I’d thought of that. If Lucy was a pup, I’d do it, but she’s almost 11, so we’ll tough it out for now. Thank you SO much for the advice — I appreciate it!

  5. Aww! I see what’s going on here! Lucy does not dislike the dog beds at all. She thinks you are presenting her with pillows. Haha! She is using these just like you would use a pillow. The bed concept escapes her as she has never had one as a pup, she slept on the floor. This little girl would probably adore a small pillow to put her cute little head on. Find a low comfy pillow that she seems to love and once thats feeling normal, just slip one of those low flat dog beds underneath her and the pillow. That’s my guess. Let me know if that works! 

    • For a dog from the pound, she’s incredibly high maintenance! I’ll try the pillow thing today and see what happens!

  6. She would probably like a donut bed!

    • I dont know what that is! But I’ll look it up — I’ll try anything, really!

  7. Lucy seems to like the asphalt. Just be sure she doen’t sleep in your bed. You could also try to line up all of the dog beds you have, and the soft blanket, on the couch. She’ll have to sleep one one of them.

    • Awesome idea! She won’t sleep anywhere near a person, so she doesn’t go near our bed. But I do like the idea of lining up everything! She’ll probably move to the floor at that point. :)

  8. Our dog likes a pillow for her head on the bed. In your shots Lucy’s head seems to hit the bed. Maybe if she has a pillow, the rest of her will follow.

    • Good idea! She is a bit sensitive about where her little head is! Maybe I’ll roll up a blanket and see what happens. Aren’t dogs a hoot?

  9. Maybe a petcot? Curtie had one in our first Airstream


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