Depending on how you use your Airstream, and what layout you have, you might love or hate your curtains. After 18 months, our curtains were stained from water condensation and we constantly got awake when the sun came up due to the lack of blackout fabric.

I wasn’t sure I could tackle curtains — but what did I have to lose?

Finding fabric was tough. In such a small space, you better really like the color and design! About 5 years ago, I picked up some vintage curtains at a flea market in Chicago. We had them in our apartment in Chicago and I couldn’t part with them when we downsized. Deke suggested cutting them down for the Airstream —

Since they already had a blackout liner, and we needed some color, they seemed like a good fit. They were also really big, so we could make the fabric wider and not have those super annoying gaps between the original curtains. Seriously, aren’t we all tired of pulling hard to get the velcro to touch?

Because they were going to be wider, I needed more G Glide hooks to eliminate any sags at the top and bottom of the curtains. You can find G Glide hooks here: It’s the only place I could find them! 14 of them for $5 seemed reasonable.

The bedroom was going to be harder — I had to add the blackout lining, which I bought at Target as an already assembled curtain liner and just cut down. For fabric, we wanted something dark, and we just started the whole Bora Bora theme, so we wanted it to be a bit rustic as well. I chose linen in the color Tobacco, and doubled the thickness. I sewed the blackout lining on the back and added the hooks after a lot of measuring to make sure they fit the curtain rod. I might add velcro where they come together to really block the light. Im not sure yet! They certainly aren’t perfect, but I learned a lot of good things for next time!

I used about 6 yards of the linen which was around $25 dollars, and the blackout liner from Target was $15. The vintage curtains were $30 and the hooks were $5. Overall, I think it worked out great for that cost. You could definitely do it cheaper, depending on what fabric you got!