Rawlins, Wyoming

Rawlins, Wyoming

Saying goodbye to friends at Alumafandango was tough. We knew we’d see Laura and Kevin soon, but it would be a while before we hung out with Kyle B and Kyle F again. And we’re still hoping to run into the MaliMish crew while they’re on the road.

As we started Part 2 of our trip (Denver to Seattle) we knew we wanted to see the Grand Tetons, so we headed into Wyoming. Kyle suggested a good mid-point stay in Rawlins (243 miles away) at the Western Hills Campground. This place was a great stop to do laundry and take a really long, hot shower. It’s basically a huge gravel lot with full hook up spots ($31) and separate electric only hook up spots ($22).

It’s incredibly clean and well maintained, and although it’s next to the highway, it gets good reviews, and fills up fast. In the time it took us to check in and do a couple loads of laundry, 13 rvs checked in thus filling up the remaining vacancies that night — so I’d make a reservation if you’re nearby. We saw almost no other parks in the area!

The view from our spot was great so we grilled out and met the neighbors. Everyone was taking photos for each other with the mountains in the background.

Their website needs a bit of updating — there are no firepits as listed, and the laundry room definitely doesn’t have 11 washers. Maybe half that (and its $2.50 a load). They also charge you extra if you want cable TV and if you want internet you need a code which is good for 24 hours. The wifi was so slow, we didn’t even use it.

So, would we stay here again? Yes. Would we recommend it? Yes. Did we feel safe? Yes. Was it clean? Yes. I think from now on, those are our criteria! Here are some other photos too:


  1. Tiffani & Dele: Did you get a new truck? The photo that you showed had a Ford. Thanks door your blog. We hope to be on the road soon. Our business required us to cancel ourAlumafandango trip. –Bill Hoover & wife, Candace Cowan

    • Hi Bill! Sorry you couldn’t make it to Fandango — maybe next year? We did get a new truck — basically it was a payload issue. The Tundra didnt have the capabilities we needed with all the equipment in the back, so we looked at some Fords and found the gas F250 which has been great. I feel really comfortable driving it with the trailer and safe, which is key!
      Thanks so much for reading the blog! I hope you find some useful info!

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