We left Alumafandango on Sunday, and since we had a few professional photographers in our group who’ve posted some amazing stuff…I’m going to send you to them (here are a few of our shots too).


Dan and Marlene took some amazing photos of the event — plus their kids are crazy cute. http://malimish.com/. That’s a picture I took of Dan standing under the Caravel frame at Timeless Travel Trailers.


Laura’s the pro in the group and captured some incredible shots — that’s her throwing herself, and her camera, into the bumper boat action at the park. http://www.riveted-blog.com/2012/08/alumafandango-day-4.html


Anna took an incredible amount of photos of all the Airstreams at the event and posted them here in Part 1 and Part 2. This is Anna also taking a photo at Timeless Travel Trailers!

I’m still sorting out all my photos from the trip — plus I haven’t had internet for 2 days, so for now, please check out these other sites and enjoy the pictures!