We left Alumafandango on Sunday, and since we had a few professional photographers in our group who’ve posted some amazing stuff…I’m going to send you to them (here are a few of our shots too).


Dan and Marlene took some amazing photos of the event — plus their kids are crazy cute. That’s a picture I took of Dan standing under the Caravel frame at Timeless Travel Trailers.


Laura’s the pro in the group and captured some incredible shots — that’s her throwing herself, and her camera, into the bumper boat action at the park.


Anna took an incredible amount of photos of all the Airstreams at the event and posted them here in Part 1 and Part 2. This is Anna also taking a photo at Timeless Travel Trailers!

I’m still sorting out all my photos from the trip — plus I haven’t had internet for 2 days, so for now, please check out these other sites and enjoy the pictures!

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