After leaving Twin Falls, Idaho we headed to Park City, UT where we spent the night at Jordenelle State Park.

It looked fun place to visit and there were a few parks nearby, but the area has been hit by wildfires recently so we weren’t sure if we’d be able to find a place to camp. When we got there, the closest park to the town was Jordanelle State Park, which was reported closed on their website. As we drove up towards the park there were tv crews and barricades and a giant sign that said “Residents Only’ at the entrance to the peninsula. We could actually see the smoldering fire and the acres it has burned just in the last week (this is taken from the road in front of the park — all the black you see on the hill is burned land).

Jordenelle State Park

However, we also saw a few RVs in the park, so I called the office at 4:37pm and asked if they were open. They had just opened at 4pm. Then the ranger laughed when I asked if they had any spots open.

Jordenelle State Park

It might not have been the smartest camping decision ever — staying at a park immediately adjacent to a contained, but smoldering, wildfire but it was where we wanted to be, so we camped.

The park was awesome — if albeit a little chaotic having been evacuated the night before. The workers were a bit frazzled, and we had to do a bit of maneuvering to get to a spot because of closed roads, but it was worth it.

Lake and Lucy at Jordenelle State Park

The spaces are on a hill, so almost all of them have a view of the Jordanelle Resevoir and the mountains beyond. Paved pull-through spots come with a concrete picnic area, table and fire pit (although fires are obviously outlawed at the moment). It’s 4 miles from Park City, which we discovered to be a fantastic town. So much so, that I almost convinced Deke to stay another night. Actually, I really didn’t want to leave at all. It’s everything the photos look like, and seems to be a mix of the best spots we’ve been to on the CA coast – a bit cosmopolitan, but very casual, which everything you need. Here’s Deke enjoying the offerings at the High West Distillery .

High West Distillery at Park City, UT

If it wasn’t for the super boring drive there (the state of Utah west of Park City is incredibly un-scenic on Route 40), I’d want to come back very soon.