Almost every Airstreamer that we’ve crossed paths with has experienced Zip Dee awning issue. Broken awning arms or awnings blowing off during high winds seem to be the most common, and these two disasters typically lead to a bent tube as well. Replacing the tube is expensive, so we’ve just left ours go — you can see the bend in it here:

We forgot to tilt our open Zip Dee awning one night in Texas and, as luck would have it, we had a major rain storm — and the awning couldn’t hold the weight of the water so an arm broke and the tube bent. Since then, we don’t put the awning out if the weather even looks dangerous, but it’s been so beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s been out for weeks. Last week the wind was barely blowing, but I went out to put it up and the claw at the end of the arm snapped.

These are easily enough to replace if you can call Zip Dee during their hours (which I can’t find on their website, but I think its and old school 9-5 Central Monday – Friday). We ordered the Satin Claw bar Assembly for $14 and it took about 3 minutes to replace. They have lists of parts with diagrams so you can find what you’re looking for pretty easily.

When the box arrived there was a flyer inside for the new electric Zip Dee Awning! I don’t know when it will be available (that’s not on their website either), but I’m excited to see it!

Zip Dee came to Alumapalooza last year and gave a little demonstration of new products — the one here is the Lift Handle and if you’re short like me, I highly suggest getting them! I use them constantly and a year later, I haven’t had any problems with them!