When we arrived in the Seattle area last November, we checked into the Tall Chief RV park and ended up staying for 8 months. It was about 12 miles to work for Deke and relatively convenient to a few other areas for shopping. It seemed like a good location, especially given there aren’t a lot of parks to choose from around here. We grew to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the park itself, but overall, we’d recommend for a good place to stay in the area, but maybe not the best if you’re looking long term.

First of all, the park is beautiful. It looks like a state park complete with tons of trees and foliage that provide excellent privacy. We estimated our site was about 80 by 30 ft and we had an extra back area that was planted with tall trees and enormous ferns. In certain spots you can’t see anyone that’s parked next to you.

We only had a few neighbors while we were there — the park is pretty big and spread out, so you could come in at anytime and not have to park directly next to another trailer. I’ve actually never gone down a row and seen it full!

As you can see from the photos, it’s not paved and there aren’t any concrete pads to park on, so there’s a bit of back and forth with getting your trailer level, but the spaces are pretty well taken care of and the crew is good about coming in and raking the stones to be level. Along with no asphalt also means more dirt and a lot of mud when it rains. This is not a place to stay if you don’t like your trailer getting dirty.

The property itself is rather large — with great views at the top of the hill. There’s also a pool, so they classify it as a resort, and a few other amenities that are nice. The major drawback for living there long term is the septic — there isn’t any. If you’re staying long term, they’ll come and pump your tanks out once a week, but if you’re there for less than a month, you have to go to the dump station. If you want them to pump your tanks twice a week, you have to pay for it ($100 a month extra on top of the $500-ish monthly fee).

The other thing that became a huge bummer about this place is that they don’t really have any rules. They SAY they have them, but nothing is enforced. There are trailers literally falling down with nothing but tarps on the roof and ones with recliners and mini-fridges out front. It’s unfortunate, and as we spent more time there, it just kept getting worse and worse. There’s a huge amount of potential at Tall Chief to have an amazing park, but they just don’t seem to put the effort into it. We WILL say, the employees are amazing, fantastic guys who always jumped in to help with anything we needed.

We ended up leaving because they have a special RV park tax classification that says no one can stay there long term for more than 210 days without vacating the premises for 7 days (at which time they’re allowed to return). So we went to another park with every intention of returning to Tall Chief when our week was over, but then we realized how awesome it is to live at a place with sewer and park rules!