What do fulltime Airstreams do when they want to get away from it all? Tent camp!!

Deke’s been working a lot lately, so we just wanted a night doing something different and it wasn’t raining, so tent camping seemed like a fantastic idea!

We headed to the Tolt Macdonald Park and Campground in Carnation, WA. Laura actually found the park when she visited a few months ago and we loved it. Plus we figured it was close enough to home that if it poured, we could just go home. If we could move Lucy.

The park has 16 pull-through RV sites, 6 yurts and 22 tent camping sites ($20). The photo above is taken of the RV sites and the suspension bridge from the tent sites. The RV sites have direct access to the water, and the tent sites have no trees, so be prepared!

The area around the park is great — a lot of little trails and the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers meet at the park, so there’s fishing and boating too. But because the park is small, it’s pretty quiet.


You can’t tell from the photo below, but I made Deke stand on this tree — It’s completely falling over about 25 ft out over the river. Some day its going to fall, thankfully it wasn’t while I was pushing him out there.