Before our trip to Oregon last week, we had a new fan and a new toilet installed at the dealer in Covington, WA. For the three hours we were there, we decided to inspect every single Airstream on the lot. What else were we going to do?

My favorite was the Sprinter Interstate Mercedes-Benz. I’d never been inside one before and I was impressed – I had no idea so much stuff could fit inside a van!

Overall, the interior looked really comfortable and it seemed to have almost as many amenities as we’ve seen in Bambis. I thought the wet bath looked similar in size to our 22ft International as well. With the couch/bed, tv, stove top burner and built in mega electric panel, it’s a really impressive touring coach!

The other model that made us go hmmmm was the new Serenity. We spent a lot of time inside thinking about the pros and cons of the 28 ft model and while we really really like it, we still love our 27ft.

The selling points on the Serenity, in our opinion, are the dedicated couch and table areas. Let’s face it, it’s a pain to put the table up and down, and it would be so awesome to have those two areas be separate and in fixed locations.

The down side is if one of us is sitting at the table, it seems we would block the tv if someone on the couch was watching.

We also like the bedroom wardrobe. Granted, you lose the panoramic bedroom windows, but in our case, less windows in the bedroom is ok — as soon as the sun comes up and the light comes in, we’re awake, so a little more darkness might be good. A huge bonus for me is the bedside magazine rack and the little cubby holes for stuff. I love that.

And finally, on a personal note, I don’t particularly like countertop/sink in our International, and would definitely like to try this out. It looks like same amount of countertop space without the protruding sink.

There was only one other layout I thought was cool — this 22ft (I’m going by memory here — I’m pretty sure it’s the 22ft). I love the little kitchen nook in the back.

The new water heater that runs on electric or propane is a great idea. And I love the dimmer switches too!

Overall, I like the improvements made to some of the 2012 models — but we still love ours.