Last Friday I pulled into the park and there was a 23 ft Airstream parked across from us. Hmmm, could it be Kyle? I knew he was making his way up through Oregon this week after visiting with Kevin and Laura, so I was thrilled that he stopped by to spend a few days with us at Tall Chief. We met Kyle last year at Alumapalooza (although mysteriously he’s missing from all 367 photos…) but we havent seen each other since, so this reunion was like seeing an old friend from back home. For those of you who might not know Kyle, he’s been on the road for 3 years in his International and his latest adventure is heading to Alaska for about a month before returning back to the States and joining us at Alumafandango in Denver in August. So what have we been doing all week? Well…

 Helicopter Flying

RC helicopters are fun and they don’t take up a lot of space. And you can freak out park neighbors and dogs.

There was also helicopter crashing.  My bad.


REI. The Container Store. Ikea (Kyle wants these solar lights — take note gift givers). Target.

Computer Geek Stuff

There’s been a lot of talk this week about The Dish Network, Verizon, AT&T, antennae, boosters, satellites, RAM… I cant keep it all straight. Good news is we got an antenna that seems to work.

We ate a lot.

Chocolate covered biscotti (The Container Store took its toll).

Shopping at Ikea also took its toll.

Lying around in our Airstreams took its toll.

We also tried some new things like grilling grape leaves (Deke learned this at the Pike Place cooking school)…

and Smores with banana bread.



By the end of the week, I think Lucy was confused… she kept going over to Kyle’s Airstream…

Kyle’s stopping for some repairs at the dealer this week and then he’s off to Alaska!