Back in November, we were finally driving through the Pacific Northwest. Between Cape Blanco and Cape Lookout (6 hours on 101), you’ll find a BOUNTY of ocean front parks with killer views at every one. If you’re in the mood to stop and take your time, this is the day to do it. To be honest, we stopped at so many, I kind of lost track, but I’ll mention a few.

The first park you’ll hit going north on 101 is Bullards Beach. It’s also the last ocean front park before 101 heads east for a bit. It’s also on the lighthouse tour!

Very New England-y.

When 101 heads back west to the shore, you’ll come upon a very picturesque town — Winchester Bay which also borders the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Not my best photographic moment, but you can see the dunes, right?

I LOVE that several times on this trip we’d see these heavily forested areas pressed up against enormous sand dunes… it was such an awesome sight. There’s a nice little RV park right on the bay called Winchester Bay RV Resort — we didn’t stay there (we’d only been on the road a couple of hours) but we drove around it  and made a note to come back — it looked immaculate.

Beverly Beach access trail from park campground to ocean.

We decided to stop for lunch at Beverly Beach — great parking lot, and really nice campsite with ocean (and dog friendly) access. After many, many beautiful parks and lighthouses we reached Cape Lookout State Park, just south of Tillamook (cheese!!). Please click on the link and watch their video of the park — it’s so much better than any photos I could post.


Our Cape Lookout spot.


The Beach.


Beach Waterfalls.