Last night the temperature dipped below freezing … our windows were frozen shut this morning in the car and I almost killed myself falling down the ice covered stairs when going out to walk the dog. After 13 years in Chicago, you’d think I’d be used to the cold — but you never get used to it! It was then I realized how happy I am to have these two things — an electric mattress pad and an electric space heater.

Electric Mattress Pad Cover

Thick enough that you can’t feel the coils.


Yes, it’s a king. More on that below.

I’ve never had an electric blanket or an electric mattress pad heater, which is amazing because I’m always cold at night. I was unaware that these items had progressed from the terrible and weird electric blanket I had at my grandmother’s house in the 80s, so I’d written them off, until Rich Luhr suggested checking out the electric mattress pad heaters when I (probably) complained incessantly about how cold the mattress is due to the fact our 27 ft layout places it directly above our outside storage area. After spending a few weeks in Oregon and Washington in December, I was cold enough to head to the closest Macy’s and pick up this Slumber Rest (sorry, that’s a terrible photo of the packaging) in the only size they had available — King. I really didn’t care if it was going to be loose, I’d have at least one sheet over it anyway holding it in place, and that was good enough for me. The only review of the product on Amazon gives this version a bad rating, but I disagree with them completely. I can’t feel any of the wires, and neither can Deke, there are a few ways you can heat up the pad (we prefer a little Pre-Heat setting to slowly get it up to speed) and it’s really easy to use. The Low setting just warms things up enough before you dive in, and 2 is really the most we ever have it at. Once we accidentally put it at 5 and almost sweated to death. Luckily you can set it to turn off automatically after a few hours. Oh, and each side control itself, so I’m a 2 and Deke’s a Low. I’ve never regretted buying this, and when it dies, I’ll buy another one immediately!

Portable Electric Heater

One small heater.

I really didn’t want another gadget around, but after seeing the power of these little things, I caved. The Vornado person heater is about $30 and so far really worth it. I move it around the Airstream depending on where I want it, it’s got two speeds and it turns off automatically if its not totally level. And it’s small (I couldn’t think of a device we all shared as a size comparison, but I figure everyone kind of knows how big an iphone is).

Small and powerful.