Best Idea Ever: Chalkboard Vinyl

Best Idea Ever: Chalkboard Vinyl

We’ve been trying for months to make a usable surface out of the refrigerator doors.

No magnets makes it look sad.

We thought we’d paint the back side of the wooden door panels with magnetic paint, but when we removed the panels, we learned that the wood used is the bottom of the barrel — literally. It’s anything but smooth and on our bottom panel, it looked like Airstream had cobbled a few random pieces together.

Then we thought we’d just get a new piece of wood cut thin enough to slide back in place and paint those with magnetic paint. No deal — we went to several lumber places in Texas and were told they didn’t cut wood that thin.

Then last week I had an a-ha moment! Chalkboard vinyl!!

This is what I wanted.

After a few searches, I found H & H Sign Supply online and they sell rolls of vinyl by the foot in lengths of either 12″ or 24″. Our refrigerator space is exactly 4 ft tall and 24″ wide, so 4 ft cost about $11 (shipping is almost as much as the vinyl itself, but everything came in under $20).

It comes in one big roll, so we just measured out the length we needed for each panel (there was none to spare), peeled off the backing and attached it to the panels. On our upper panel, which was really smooth on the back (non-silver side) we attached it with no problems at all. On the bottom panel, the back side was a mess, so we attached it to the silver side, and maybe because of the silver coating, it was a bit harder. We experienced a lot of air bubbles and had to constantly put on/take off the vinyl to smooth out the bubbles. You can see there might still be a few which I’ll work out later….

Overall, pretty smooth!!

Overall, I’m completely psyched about this — it might be my best idea yet (curtsy).  P.S. It’s really hard to find plain old chalk….


  1. You could also use a similar technique with Dry Eraser. I know they make paint, perhaps they also make rolls of this to be placed over existing paint? Might be less messy.

    • I never saw the Dry Eraser stuff — I think that’s a great idea!

  2. Another question for you…can’t remember if I saw it on your site or elsewhere! Do you use the Gundtal from Ikea to have things on the walls of your Airstream? If you, how do you connect it to the walls…looks almost like the rivets are removed or something! I’m so afraid to hurt my AS’s walls 😉 Lisa

    • We don’t use the Gundtals on the walls, but know people who do, and yes, they just pop out a rivet and replace it with the Gundtal. Im not brave enough to remove a rivet on the inside — but apparently it works (as long as you only do one or two, I guess.) Let us know if you try it! 

  3. What do you use to write on it with? Real chalk or the chalk pens? How do you clean it? I’m thinking of doing the same thing in mine! Lisa

    • We just use regular chalk that I got at Office Depot, and a damp cloth to wipe it down — I noticed the harder you write with the chalk, the more difficult it is to remove, so use a light touch! 

  4. love this miss tiffani!! (;

  5. Genious! I also love your door coat hanger idea. Thanks!! ~wondering what you do with laundry? I just can’t figure out a good place to keep it between wash. I love your blog! Thank you for letting us all follow along! :)

    • Hi Dawn! Ive got some photos of what I made for the laundry situation (I made some hanging laundry bags)– your email came up with your post on the admin side of this site, so I’ll email you separately! 

  6. Great idea….it adds a personal touch to your AS!!!  
    Look forward to meeting you this weekend and of course loved the WBCCI Rally note on your fridge :)

  7. Thanks everyone! Also, I got an email from David Winick ( who said “You could have used magnetic stainless steel. We use it a lot in interiors. You slide it between the crappy thin wood and the door frame.” So some of you might want to try that as well! Thanks David! 

  8. I am so copying this!!!!  You are genius!!! xoxo

  9. Awesome!  Totaling doing that!

  10. Love it!!

  11. This is genius!  So creative. :)



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