We thought the Redwoods would be the final exciting thing we saw in California, but the state held two more surprises:

They look much bigger in person.

Two hours north on 101, we were just driving by, minding our own business when BAM! 50 ft tall Paul Bunyan. Paul and Babe are in the parking lot of the Trees of Mystery, which were closed (early morning, end of November), so we never found out what the mystery was….

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, a little later down the road came the Ship Ashore Resort:

I’d like Harrison Ford’s old room please.

The Ship has seen better days, but I’d read that the cast of Star Wars stayed here when they were filming in Crescent City, so we gave it a nod of respect as we drove by.

Ok, now onto Oregon….. We’d never been to Oregon before, but somehow developed these grand expectations of what the coast would be like — big rocks, big waves, big tress.

Oregon welcomes you. 

But before we hit our first campsite at Cape Blanco, these things happened:

Oh, hello Oregon.

Then when we pulled over for some ocean viewing, we were silly enough NOT to keep our eyes on the giant waves. If you look closely — there’s a huge one coming up behind me in this photo. About 10 seconds later, Deke and I would both be on the sand, under the water. Luckily my super husband kept the camera above his head!

The sea is angry today my friend.

The first place you might want to stop at after crossing into Oregon is the Crissy Field State Recreation Site. It’s THE Visitors Center — they have every kind of map and guide you could need, plus they have dog treats that they love to hand out. The recreation site has a lounge, a coffee bar, restrooms, a huge parking lot (with special RV parking), miles of beach front and a nature preserve. It’s a great place to stop and stretch your legs.