We’ve done a few things around the home lately that don’t necessarily warrant their own post, so I’m grouping together a few odds and ends! For such a small space, it seems like there’s always something changing….

Where do you hang coats?

In Texas, we didn’t really need coats — a few layers and you’re fine. But here we need a fleece, a hoodie and a raincoat. All at the same time.

Hoodie, fleece, raincoat.

And our closet isn’t big enough for coats, or even a few jackets, really. It took a bit of trial and error, but we’re sticking with this for right now — Missoni for Target office clips a la coat hanger.



We tried big S-hooks from Ikea (see it there on the far left holding the flashlight?), but if you grabbed your coat too forcefully, the hook flew off. When you’re not using the clips for your coats, you can display cute notes you get from other Airstreamers.


New Upholstery

Unfortunately, the fabric Airstream uses is pretty crappy for fulltime use. It might even be crappy for casual use. When we had the Little Weaz, I reupholstered the powder blue dinette to something that would hide dirt a little better and was a tad stain resistant.

Original Weaselmouth Upholstery: Before.


Original Weaselmouth Upholstery: After.

Back when I did that, we still lived in a house, so I had rooooom to sew. When we bought the new Airstream, I had high hopes for the new upholstery we chose (red and light gray),

So clean. For about 5 minutes.

and didn’t anticipate having to sew new covers, but those hopes were quickly dashed, especially with Lucy lying all over the couch. Sewing in this place is challenging, but I get creative —

The picnic table is the biggest work space I have.

and I think the new stuff looks good. I used Sunbrella — an idea I completely ripped off from Josh and Jessa when I saw what they did with it at Alumapalooza. I did NOT clean these cushions before I took the photos, because, well, they’re never clean. Also, I made the cushions a little loose  – we’ve noticed that the cushions we sit on the most aren’t bouncing back to their original shape, so we’ll have to get new foam cut in the near future. Small seat.

I actually spilled an entire glass of red wine on this one. No stain.

Lucy’s bed matches the couch.

She doesn’t like that super lux REI bed.

And even though Lucy has a bed from REI that you can fill with air or water so she’s as comfortable as possible, she still prefers lying on the bathmat.