By now, we’re at our destination in Seattle, and I’ve completely bit the dust on any real-time posts….

Our 13th day on the road started with a sunny California blue sky and ocean views, and ended in San Francisco, but first, we had to make it along the Pacific Coast Highway.

We left Morro Bay and headed north towards San Simeon to see where the local elephant seals sun bathe. We hit a good sunny day and there must have been over 100 on the beach. The main seal lion viewing area has a huge parking lot with plenty of room for any size RV.

Awww, sleepy sea lions.


They look passed out.

Then it was time to hit the Pacific Coast Highway. I’ve had anxiety over this drive since the beginning. I know people have done it, but I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of driving the Airstream along those roads. Looking back, I wish I would’ve taken more photos of the drive so those of you who haven’t done it, could get an idea of what it was like, however I wasn’t really breathing, or my eyes were probably closed, most of the time. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like to drive or even ride in cars, which makes this whole situation of ours very humorous, but I did take one or two photos while we were pulled over (NOTE: Going south to north, there are very few places to pull over that are big enough for the Airstream. There were many more larger turn-off areas going north to south.)

A little pullover area.

You can see how high up we are by looking at that tiny rock in the ocean. Which is actually a giant boulder.

Another pull-off area that fit us comfortably.

There are two places on the road where it’s actually not even two lanes, but one, and you have to alternate who travels on that part of the road (the northbound folks or the southbound folks). To remedy this, the brave and fearless construction workers were building a viaduct-type bridge that was suspended over and out above the ocean. It completely freaked me out and I found myself alternately saying “Deke look at that! Oh wait, don’t look, you’re driving! But look its so crazy!”.

I'd like to see the waiver they have to sign to work on this project.

Special PCH notes:

We drove the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway, from south to north with a 27 ft Airstream and a Ford F250. We had no problems with towing, but there are definitely some tight spots and at times we did need to veer into the southbound lane to avoid rocks that were jutting out from our side. I, personally, wouldn’t recommend doing this drive with something much bigger, although we did see one or two 5th wheels and one motorhome.

At one of the few turnouts on the northbound side.

Fill up on gas before you start. I can only remember one gas station in Big Sur, and if you have a smaller trailer, like 22 ft or smaller, you can probably pull into Deke’s favorite place, Nepenthe for some lunch and an amazing view. Deke will probably have some follow up on the subject since he’s the one that did the driving. Lucy has nothing to say on it, she slept through the whole thing.

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