We were tipped off to the Instant-Off Faucet Aerators by Roger at www.casarodante.org who uses them in his Airstream. We were happy to hear such a think existed because we’re all looking for ways to conserve water, right?

These little gadgets are pretty cool! You screw them on to your existing faucet spout and then turn on the water from the faucet handle. Only when you touch the white lever that sticks our from the aerator attachment, will water actually come out — this prevents you from having to reach for the faucet handle to turn on and off when doing dishes and washing hands. This was always a big problem for me because I inevitably got water all over the counter every time I turned the water on and off while doing dishes (and I do a lot of dishes).

See how that screws up in there?

Two words of caution….

1. We originally bought two (at $10.95 each, why not?) and had one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. For those of you with a newer International, you know that the bathroom faucet is very low to the already shallow sink, so while the aerator fit, it wasn’t the most convenient to use. Eventually we replaced the original low faucet in the bathroom with one that has a much higher neck, however, now the aerator doesn’t fit in the spout of this new one. It seems that they might not work with every faucet out there, but if you have an original RV-made faucet, the chances are likely it’ll work great for you. And if not, you can always send it back!

2. The aerators are meant to work so that you always have your water on, however, as everyone knows with RVs, whenever water’s involved, there’s typically an issue. The first few weeks I noticed no water leakage around the base of the faucet or under the sink (and I checked regularly) but now that we’re on our second month of using them, in the morning there’s a pool of water around the base of the faucet. So, even though you should be able to always keep your water turned on when using this, I would suggest turning the water off from the source when you can or at night. These gadgets might not be as rugged as a fulltimer would hope!

Since we installed the aerator in the kitchen, the nice guys in the office of our park have been reporting my water usage to me and said in the last 6 weeks I’ve used 25 gallons less than the previous 6 weeks. (Since we’re fulltime, we pay water in our park.) This only adds up to a few dollars, but it’s saving water that’s important here in Texas right now!

We got our faucet aerators from e3living.com   but I’m sure there are other models out there as well. If you have any feedback on any different ones that you use, we’d love to know about them!