After 3+ months of not being able to enjoy camping because of the heat, I probably would’ve raved about Dinosaur Valley State Park no matter what. In fact, it actually rained while we were there, but I still didn’t complain because at least it wasn’t over 100 degrees!

This camping trip had so much fun built in, I wanted to stay for a week. First, there are dinosaur tracks. Second, we got to meet our new WBCCI group, Heart of Texas! Where to begin….

The drive from Aubrey to Glen Rose was a piece of cake — Glen Rose is actually a cute little town with a small town square filled with galleries and shops and a fantastic restaurant called The Riverhouse Grill.

Take a right at the Apatosaurus for the campground.

The state park is easy to find and definitely gives off that Jurassic Park vibe once you get there (maybe because of the giant dinosaur sculptures?). There are about 45 back-in only spots for RVs or tents, all with a grill, picnic table and stone fire pit. There are a lot of trees and the spots are spaced pretty far apart — even with the Boyscouts right next to us, we never heard them!

Spot #26.

The dinosaur track hike starts a couple of miles from the camping area — a good walk, or they have a parking lot at the entrance of the trail. There are a few signs that tell you where to go and a nice stairway that leads down to the creek, and there are a lot ‘unofficial’ trails with very steep drops that mix with the horse trails which are fun if you don’t mind mud and some getting wet.

Yep, you have to get down there for the good stuff.

At the creek you’ll see a lot of otherworldly dinosaur tracks….

He went this way....


It rained the night before, but you can still make out a lot of tracks.


As if the dino tracks weren’t enough, we also got to meet our new WBCCI group and invite ourselves into their Airstreams, which were as unique and fun as each of them! Can’t wait for the next outing in October!

Love David's Argosy...


and Bud's giant silver monster...


and everywhere Lance has taken his International!

Dinosaur Valley Facts:


Cost: $25 for the RV, plus $10 for park entrance fee

Lay of the land: 1500 acres for camping, swimming, mountain biking, following dinosaur tracks and a separate 100 acres for horse riding.

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