Granted, the Airstream accordion-fold room dividers are a good idea in some instances. But what we’ve noticed is, when in use, the bottom hem floats a good 8 inches off the ground, and a whole lotta cool air was passing into our bedroom during the day when we were trying desperately to keep that air in the living area during our record-breaking hot summer. Hmmm…what to do?

Then we remembered what Jessa  did — made curtains! We saw Jessa’s Airstream at Alumapalooza this year and it was hands down one of the best redesigns ever.  If you scroll through the pictures at, you’ll see the curtain, and several other truly awesome modification. How she attached the curtains to the ceiling, I’ve never figured that out, but after a few weeks of searching, we found these little gadgets at IKEA that slip into the existing track pretty well.

I don’t know what these are called! Sliders? Fasteners? Hooks?

I’ll call these The Clips.

After taking the track down and removing the blinds (they’re for sale if anyone needs one or two!) and finding new hardware, the biggest decision was what material to use. Since this curtain will actually serve a purpose other than decorative, we needed a material that was thick enough to keep the air in or out, block the view of the bedroom if needed and look nice. After several trips to the fabric store, we decided on a narrow wale corduroy in light gray.

Curtain top.


The measurements I used for the fabric were just the same size as the original blinds, with about a foot added onto the length so it hit the floor.

Curtain bottom.

I just sewed two panels of fabric together like a giant pillow case and slip-stitched the bottom, and viola!