It's 10' long, so you might need 2!

My favorite thing we’ve recently purchased is the Orbit ArizonaMist Cooling System. I have to give props to Deke — he had this on his wish list a while ago, but apparently I blocked it out of my mind. Then our neighbor Dave installed one on his awning and I was HOOKED.

It looks small, but it's powerful.

It’s a 10′ hose with 6 mist nozzles and clips to attach to your awning. Just connect it to your hose and you’re set! We’ve had 40-ish days of over 100 degrees here, so as you can imagine we’re loving the misting system. Plus, everything about this is fast, lightweight and easy to transport!

We love this product. It’s portable, cheap at ~$15, and keeps us cool during the hottest Texas days, earning it the Weaselmouth seal of approval!