Deke works late, so he often get home after dark. And our park doesn’t have any outdoor lighting, so when the moon isn’t bright, it’s actually pretty hard to see where you’re going (I have to take a flashlight with me when I walk Lucy).

So I went to Ikea (of course) and bought some of their solar powered Solvinden post lights. They were more expensive than the usual ones everyone in the park has from Walmart and Target, but they were bigger and sleeker, so I bought four. I think two broke the first day. The post is very weak– almost too weak to hold up the actual light in my opinion. Fail.


I then realized that if everyone in the park had the same lights — and they looked good and weren’t broken and falling apart, I probably should’ve got the same ones. Good old Westinghouse solar path lights for $3 have worked perfectly so far!

Westinghouse works!