I have a lot of candles — I bought a bag of about 100 at Ikea probably a year ago, and still have all of them. What I learned is that spending a lot of time outside in a windy state doesn’t allow for good candle usage. I eventually got tired of lighting and re-lighting, so I started looking for battery powered outdoor candle-like things. What I found, and what I’m super happy with, are Smith and Hawken LED Candles.  They are flameless, unscented and battery operated (AA). I got one large (6″ tall,  3.5″ wide) and 4 small (4″ tall, 3″ wide) and the most surprising thing about them is they actually have paraffin wax all around the outside, so they really look like candles. The only thing I’d change about them is that I wish they were a little brighter, but they add a little glow when we’re spending time outside and I don’t have to worry about wax getting everywhere.

Love it.