Open House Day!!

For us, the Open House was one of the most anticipated programs on the schedule at Alumapalooza and really one of the most inspirational events for me personally. More than half the group opened up their trailers to show off their remodels and modifications both inside and out, and there were more than a few truly awesome Airstreams.

Seeing the full range of models and years was great –but  we were most curious to see what people with 27ft Internationals had done and got to see a few great ones including Josh and Jessa’s fabric reupholstery and bunk bed modification. Jessa made new sofa cushions with the same Sunbrella fabric that the awning is made from! Genius — most likely I’m going to steal this idea. But their biggest modification was putting upper bunks in the back above two twins. I encourage all of you to look at their site and see the remarkable transformation!  There were also the small things we saw — popping out rivets to put up an ipad, installing motion sensitive night lights in the bathroom and repurposing and recycling items from other Airstreams. It was just the kick in the pants we needed to create something really unique in the Weaz.

I’d like this one please.

One of our favorites was a remodeled 1960s unit  — I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember the name of the woman who owned this one, but I was truly in awe of the inside and basically couldn’t think straight. I thought I took a few photos, but apparently I was just wiping the drool off my chin. If you happen to be reading this, Talented Owner, please get in touch!!





Master  Rivet contest


You would THINK four hands are better than one….

On this faithful day we also lost any opportunity we had for working in the Airstream factory. High noon-ish began the Rivet Masters Contest in the Service Center where 20 couples were judged on the quality, not quantity, of the rivets they bucked into a predrilled sheet of Airstream aluminum. After a quick tutorial from Dave and Dan (who didn’t do a very good job at hiding their laughter at us), we had one minute to make the best installed rivets we could. This is not easy — in fact, it’s rather difficult as we found out.




After everyone was finished, the experts judged the rivets and at Happy Hour Deke and I discovered we had the worst record — 13 rivets, zero acceptable. At least we were consistent. I’d like to thank everyone for trekking over to the service department to watch, and congrats to Kerri and Russ who did a respectable 60+% successful rivets!




The Golden Airstream

Everyone should add their names on the outside!


Earlier in the week during our Airstream factory tour, we were told Wally and Stella’s gold Airstream was on the lot (YAY!), but we wouldn’t be seeing it. (boo!) On a bike ride around the grounds we spotted it and took a little detour to check it out. We were sad to find it in a gravel lot behind the factory rusted and in disrepair, but did hear that one of the service guys was adopting it and going to see what he could do.  It was still great to see this very cool part of Airstream history!




DAY 6 — The End

We drank a lot of coffee.

We were so sorry to see Alumapalooza end. It was one of the best trips we’ve had in the Big Weaz and we can’t wait to do it again next year. If you judge your experience by the amount of things you give away, we did pretty good. I only have 3 coffee cup sleeves left! Or wine glass sleeves, if you’re Kate. 😉


Rich and Crew!

We’re so grateful to Rich and his crew for working so hard in the heat to make it comfortable and super fun for everyone who traveled from all over the country to attend. We also met so many people who immediately became friends (Kyle, I feel like we’ve known you forever!) and through our travels know that we’ll see again. I can’t wait to eat at Kate and Al’s Airstream food stand, Mabel on the Move (look for an upcoming post on Mabel), see what David Winick creates next and maybe, just MAYBE see a few people at Burning Man in 2012.



More Photos from Day 5 and 6

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