We’ve stayed in lots of RV parks since becoming Airstreamers, but the Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park is the first one we’ve lived in as fulltimers. Luckily, it was a great first fulltiming experience for us. Here’s why….



It’s a clean park. Really clean. The staff comes around once a day to pick up your trash for you since the dumpsters are at the end of the road (which is great — you don’t have to look at them or smell them everyday). They also have recycling bins by the dog enclosure and garbage cans at numerous places around the community building. In exchange for not having to haul your trash to the dumpster, they ask that you only put your trash out in the morning….that’s a pretty awesome trade if you ask me.

The Lake at Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park


When Deke was working for about 12 hours a day during our time here, I felt completely safe, even walking the dog at night. Most of the fellow campers are incredibly friendly and with several work-camp couples on board, there are plenty of authority figures making the golf-cart patrol rounds into the night. In fact, one day I was walking Lucy and Jerry (motorhome, corner by the pond) came up and said, ” I told the fellas to keep an eye on you and make sure you had everything you needed cause I like to make sure ladies traveling alone feel safe here.” Awww. Two days later he met Deke, but I still think he did an extra patrol or two around our spot.



There are a lot of things here to keep you busy if that’s what you’re looking for. The pond is large and stocked (but catch and release ) and meanders around a bit, so even if there are other people fishing, you can find a quiet spot all to yourself. The property is huge, so you can take nice walks, and as far as get-to-know-you-neighbor activities, there are pot lucks, bingo, karaoke….at least one activity a week from what’s on the calendar.

Ducks, turtles, and the occasional swimming snake!


Good trees=good shade.

The facilities are awesome. There’s a laundry room with 4 washers and 4 dryers ($1.25 each) and a $1 bill change machine. There’s a sign that tells you exactly how long the washers and dryers run, and authorizing staff to remove items that have been left in the machines for longer. This is done for a reason — this park is popular! It’s full most of the time and people want to be able to do their laundry. The rules are for the greater good!

There’s a little store in the office in case you need something and don’t want to drive the 6 miles to Wal-mart. You can get cans of soda, laundry detergent and any number of RV related things like hoses, and the prices aren’t jacked up which is nice too.

The layout of the park is pretty standard, but wouldn’t we all like a little more space? We lucked out and got spot #29 which means we have an extra big yard between us and spot #30. Each row (there are 5 total) has two spots with the bigger yards. Definitely request them if you want them. If you have a trailer or a 5th wheel, you can NOT get a spot facing the pond. Because of hook up locations for motorhomes, these spots are specific to those vehicles.

Spot 29's huge front yard

The other awesome thing they do here is fill your propane tanks for you if you set them out. Just put the empty tank next to your little driveway post and they’ll come around and fill it and then sit it next to your RV propane tank holder. Usually they fill them within an hour or two and then just add it to your bill when you leave– it’s fantastic.


There’s also free wi-fi and free cable. The wifi antenna is in the park, not the office, so the signal is relatively strong, however it slows down a bit at night and can sometimes drop. For free, its a really great connection. I didn’t really watch the tv much, but all the major channels are there including AMC, Travel and the Food Network.




The Staff.

The park has a lot of work-campers for its size. There are staff everywhere all day planting flowers, cleaning the pool (did I mention there’s a pool?), mowing lawns, fixing the roads… it’s amazing really. And they’re all super nice and some of the friendliest people we’ve met since we’ve been here. Don’t hesitate to ask them the best place to go for something or how to get to the post office. They’ll be more than happy to help you out.


Con. (Or Pro, depending)

This is a con that can be a pro to some. In my opinion, the proximity to the highway was a con, but to people needing to get on the highway (like Deke) it wasn’t a bad thing. You can hear the trucks go by, but its not debilitating. We thought we’d get used to it the same way we got used to the El in Chicago, but no dice. If you’re super sensitive to noise, ask for a spot close to the office.

My row, on a full day.

Another con (which is a pro for the park) is – It can be full. It’s a popular park! So make sure to call ahead. They’ll take reservations one month in advance, so if you know you’ll need a place in the area, call.


Terrell, in general.

We didn’t mind Terrell. It’s a little town with a few places to eat and a liquor store on every block. It has one completely overpriced grocery store (Brookshires), an ice cream place, a butcher shop (I’ll give it a C+) and, of course, a Wal-mart. Overall, the Wal-mart has everything. It carries Amy’s mac and cheese, Kashi cereal (at $1 cheaper than Whole Foods), True North nuts and Muir Organic crushed tomatoes. It even sells beer and wine. We liked Cowfish Taco and Pop’s Fried Chicken was fun, and would you believe they have an open air roller skating rink. No lie.



I’d stay at Bluebonnet again in a heartbeat. We had a great experience here and loved the people we met. I think we’ll actually miss the place.This one certainly gets our Weaselmouth seal of approval!