RV manufacturers are not known for their fashion forward upholstery. We typically see a lot of browns and burgundy colors with patterns that are unattractive, but utilitarian because they don’t show dirt. In the year before we bought our first Airstream, I didn’t find one interior design that I loved.

Luckily, our first Airstream didn’t have ugly fabric, but it did have something almost as bad — powder blue upholstery. Do you know how quickly dirt and dog hair appear on powder blue?

Half way done with the covers.

I could only handle this for about 6 months, before I decided to make slip covers from indoor-outdoor fabric that wouldn’t show dirt and could be wiped down. Fabric selection took about another month, but we found a great fabric and pattern from Better Homes and Gardens (who knew they made fabric?).

These new slipcovers worked great for us! Then, when we sold the little Airstream, the slipcovers went with the new owner and we were faced, again with choosing an upholstery option for our new trailer — a task that seemed almost as daunting as picking the Airstream itself. As most of you know, we ended up with the Paprika interior on our International CCD, which, so far, has been great.

As you may or may not know, I sew a lot. A LOT. I have my own table in the community room here at the park where I have the luxury of sewing every day with a fantastic group of women who love it as much as I do. Fabric is so much fun to me and I love to browse the internet for new releases which is why I was so excited a few weeks ago when I saw this:

Circa 60 Beach Mod

This is the Circa 60 Beach Mod line of fabric from Birch and oh how I love it. I mean, I have to make something out of it, I just don’t know what. This little find led me on a little search for fabric with Airstream or Airstream related images. The following is a peek at what I found.



I knew about Vintage Trailer by Michael Miller Fabric from a thread on Airforums:

Vintage Trailer


And then I saw On The Road, from Robert Kaufman designed by Ronnie Walters:

On The Road


And, seriously, how awesome is Vintage Trailers by Paige Bridges:

Vintage Trailers


And Are We There Yet? from Maywood Studios.


Are We There Yet?

Almost all fabrics can be found at www.equilter.com as well. Although I wouldn’t want to do my whole trailer in these … what fun to have curtains, dishtowels or a few pillows with any of these fabrics!!