Things They Don’t Tell You

Things They Don’t Tell You

…About Fulltime RVing.

We’ve just passed our first month of living in our Airstream fulltime. In that short time, we’ve really put our one and a half years of RVing knowledge to the test. Don’t get me wrong – we’re loving our new life. It’s exactly what we were looking for, and in many ways, it far exceeds our expectations. It’s just that there are a few small things we wish someone would have explained in more detail. Things like how to avoid mildew, and how to use a Fantastic Fan properly.

We like to look at life as one big learning experience. You know, the old “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” school of thought. Obviously Tiffani and I are both very inquisitive and experience driven people or else we probably wouldn’t be living in an RV. Even coming into this with our eyes wide open and months of preparations, we continue to find new things to confound and challenge us every day.

That’s one reason we’ve decided to start writing some of the stuff down in this series called “Things They Don’t Tell You.”  We really weren’t expecting someone to tell us everything, but there are certainly some gotchas that every new RVer should at least think about beyond the basics. There’s only so many posts you can read before you have to just go out and give it a try!

Another reason for starting this series is to help beginning RVers out there who may skim over the manuals and go right into the “hardcore” difficulty level as we did. Hopefully they can find resolutions here, or maybe they’ll feel better knowing they’re not alone in their rookie mistakes.

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  1. My husband is 75 and is still working because we owe$78,ooo on our mortgage.With very little savings. For him to be able to retire we would have to downsize, We thought a Airstream would be cheaper than buying another smaller house.Except the high price for diesel, we could travel to visit family. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks

    • Hi Dorothy,
      Everyone’s situation is different and for us, the most important part of the last year was to get out of debt. If you can sell your house and not lose any money in the process, that might be a good start, but you’d still need to build up some savings as well. If you can find a good Airstream used — that’s another hurdle. You dont want to put a lot of money into fixing one up either. And as far as the diesel goes, we have a gas F250, so I dont know what those annual costs are. You dont want to swap one debt for another, so I’d think about the immediate fix (getting rid of the house?) but also factor in the long term goals and costs as well. Could you stay in one place for long periods of time, preferably with relatives where you wouldnt have to pay rent on a spot? If not, can you find a nice rv park that’s not too expensive to stay in? Is your mortgage underwater? Is short selling an option? If you sold the house, how much could you save in a year to get on the road? There are a lot of things to think about, but the being debt free is a huge weight off the shoulders of anyone, so my thoughts would be to figure out that first. I dont know if that was much help, but feel free to email me if you have any other questions. And let me know how it goes.

  2. We’ve arrived at the same conclusion. Fans are key! The fantastic fans are really nice, although a touch loud. We have a few small desk fans that we can pop out and stow easily as well. Just keep to the air moving, they are all we need most days.


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