We’re less than a week away from moving into our Airstream fulltime! Things have settled down a bit from last week (except for another winter blast of sleet and snow today), and now we’re just wrapping up a few loose ends.

Wally Byam oversees our move...

Here are a few of the things we’ve done this week:

  • Clothes are packed and ready for the move. We packed these in suitcases and bags that will need to go to storage when we’re done.
  • I (finally) let go of my Wii and old  Xbox. That leaves us with an old Macbook, external hard drive, and an xbox 360 as our complete entertainment system.
  • We (also finally) got rid of our mattress and box spring. In our neighborhood, it was surprisingly easy. Just take it out to the curb!
  • The last of our things have found new homes, either with friends, craigslist buyers, or thrift stores.
  • Finishing up the last of our packaged foods that won’t make the move, took one last trip to the Grocery store -only the basics for 1 week!
  • Lucy gets a vet visit and a bath this week – she wants to smell nice before the move. 🙂
  • The Tundra got a tune up this week – oil change, tire rotation, replaced a squeaking belt – ready for the haul!

Now all that’s left is the actual move itself. We could just pull the Airstream up to our front door and load her up, but we’ve decided that our neighborhood roads are a bit too tight. Instead, we’re going to load up the Tundra Friday night, go pick up the Big Weaz, and then take her to the RV park to “officially” move in.

And finally, after a LONG time of planning and preparing, we’re over the moon to finally move into the Airstream fulltime. It’s true, we won’t be lifting anchor and fulltime travelling yet, but we will certainly be travelling more thanks to Texas’ awesome nearby parks and, oh yea, we’re living on wheels now!

So, I’ll end this post with a simple phrase we use often on Weaselmouth.com – in fact, it’s on top of our site. It comes up time and time again as we’ve streamlined our life, downsized to an Airstream, and generally changed our lifestyle to chase our dreams. It’s quickly becoming our mantra as we take these next steps, and we hope it’s something you’ll start saying as well.

It’s good to let go.