This week, a close friend asked why we don’t have a “countdown to fulltiming” timer on Honestly, I’ve never thought of it. But within 15 minutes of his question, I had searched for, found, installed, and set up the very countdown timer you see to the right of this article. THAT is why I love WordPress and will never create a website without it. It’s just too easy to implement features using the thousands of plugins available.

The flip side of having a countdown timer on our site is, well, it’s a countdown. Don’t get me wrong, we’re ready, thanks in no small part to the herculean efforts of my wife. She is a moving machine. There’s no stopping her until every last box is taped shut. But, as is often the case, life threw us a few curve balls to catch over the past week that made this a challenge for even the most experienced house mover.

Sunny 1 Bdrm in Chicago for rent!

As many of you know, we still own property in Chicago – there’s no way we can sell in this economy. We’ve been extremely fortunate with our tenants – in fact, we’re friends with them. Unfortunately, we found out this week that one of our tenants needs to move. If you’ve ever owned rental property, you probably understand the mini-panic state this caused us. However, like we’ve often talked about on, we quickly thought about the worst that could happen – we would have to cover the mortgage until we could find another renter. While a little uncomfortable, it is certainly doable. Long story short, we’re already speaking with a few candidates and hope to have a new lease signed soon. Cooler heads prevail once again!

Over the past few weeks, my job has steadily increased its demand on my time. This isn’t a problem – I love my job and it affords us to do the things we love to do. But it certainly cuts into my “help with the move time.” Please see the section above about my wife’s herculean efforts (and leave a comment praising her fine work). This increase in work time also decreases my ability to keep a nice, regular Weaselmouth update schedule. Thankfully, Tiffani is not only a moving machine, but she’s a pretty darn good blogger as well. Look for more updates from her soon.

Lucy taking a morning walk in the Dallas snow

And finally, to complete my tour of whining, I’d like to point out that it’s really not supposed to snow in Dallas, TX. This is evidenced by the 3 inch layer of ice on and around our truck, 2 snow days that left us stranded in the house, and the complete lack of sidewalk salt in any of the city’s home improvement stores. In Chicago, this would have been a regular workday, but here, its a full blown state of emergency. Oh well, at least the snow day was nice – it was my first since high school.

Once again, I’m very proud of our progress this week. We sailed over a few of life’s potholes, looked a winter storm dead in the eye, and still managed to dust ourselves off for one last week of land based living. If I could change anything about this week, I’d probably change the countdown timer to zero.