As the 3 week mark came and went, I thought I’d take a moment to fill you in on the advancements this week!

So far 8 boxes and 2 bikes have been taken to the storage locker. Ive already forgotten what’s in some of the boxes, and I dont miss any of the things which tells me we’re probably keeping too much. Then there are a few boxes of summer clothes and of course the Shopping Box. I tried to label the boxes as clearly as possible so its easier to find what we need and suddenly I thought how great it would be to have a label maker! (Consumerism dies hard.)

Ive also started going through all the paperwork we have in file boxes… paperwork for taxes, receipts, family documents, etc. What I discovered is that we have an inordinate amount of paper that we don’t need — its sad really — so many dead trees! We ended up recycling a stack about 2 feet high. There’s still one small file box we need to keep — or maybe get a small scanner. We’ve been looking at this little Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 mobile scanner [amazon link] – has anyone used it?

At this point, every day I’m trying to get rid of one thing: a glass, a pan or a… sugar and creamer set?  We can get along just fine with the basics from here on out!

Here are a few more odds and ends we’ve finalized over the past week:

  • Scheduled cancellation for our internet, power, water, gas for our current place.
  • Found a UPS store near Deke’s work where we’ll have our mail forwarded.
  • Took a load of stuff up to the Big Weaz, and started getting her ready for the new tenants!
  • Celebrated our first month of over 1000 visitors on Weaselmouth!!!

Goals for next week – Get rid of the bed, take a few more things to storage, actually get said post office box and forward mail to it, and take final trip to thrift store.

More next week!