How To Part with Your Favorite Things Gently

How To Part with Your Favorite Things Gently

I have an average amount of clothing. I’ve been lucky enough over the years to work at companies that have extremely casual dress codes, so tshirts and jeans are plentiful, however my new Airstream closet space is very limited. I have room for about 4 pairs of jeans, 10 tshirts, a handful of sweaters and a couple of hoodies, but I dont necessarily want to give away all the other perfectly good items that I have or have recently purchased.

While packing, I’ve gone back and forth on what to take and what to give away, then I had, what I think, is a brilliant idea – I call it the Shopping Box.

It’s like shopping, but cheaper

First, let me say that I hate shopping.

Nothing ever fits me correctly, so on that rare occasion when I find something that works, I tend to buy two. Or in the case of tshirts with long enough sleeves and not-too-tight-necklines, I’ve been known to put down cash for 5 or more at a time. That’s money well spent in my opinion, but more importantly, I might not find those jeans or that hoodie again!

The Shopping Box.

The Shopping Box

I decided that instead of forcing myself to choose between this shirt or that one, I’d allow myself to do some future shopping right from my own closet. I started a box labeled SHOPPING. In this box, I put all the doubles (or triples) of items I own which are in good condition.

This way, when the purple tshirt gets grungy and needs to move on to the rag pile, I can hit the SHOPPING box and pull out the same shirt in green that know will fit me!

How it works

Once I got the hang of it, this process was as easy as:

  1. Find all the doubles and triples in the closet.
  2. Pick one of the group to take.
  3. Pack the rest in a well labelled box.

And now, when something gets worn out, we can simply go back to the Shopping Box and find a new(ish) one to replace it. Eventually we’ll shop through all these extras, but for now, its an easy way to lighten our load while we transition to fulltime RVing.

What do you think?  Do you have other secrets for parting with your “hard to get rid of” things? If so, we’d love to hear about them!


  1. Sounds like a good idea, so long as it is truly tucked away. You don’t want it in the bottom of the closet cluttering things (not that you have much room down there). Luckily, you don’t need as many clothes when you RV. You are either moving so frequently people don’t see you wearing the same thing. Or you stay in one place with a group of people that are repeating outfits just like you. Win-win!

    • Thanks for the comment! You’re right. While you could do it in the RV’s closet, this system really needs a little extra space to put stuff outside of the RV. We plan to keep it going as long as we have a (small) storage unit. When we’re down to only one small shopping box we’ll keep it in the back of our truck until we eventually shop through it all and reach true freedom from our stuff.

      Good points on repeating wardrobes as well. Although i’m still working fulltime, the dress code at my job is super relaxed (its a game company, where T-shirts and shorts are at the higher end of the spectrum). I doubt many will notice if i wear the same 5 pairs of pants every week :)


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