We’re 4 weeks away from moving into the Airstream fulltime and we’re extremely excited!

I wanted to give everyone an update on how we’re doing so far. Here are a few big ticket things we’ve done:

  • Set a move in date of Feb. 12, 2011. Mark your calendars.
  • Secured a spot at a local RV park near Dallas, TX. It’s the nicest park we’ve found within a 30 minute radius of my job (a pre-requisite for us).
  • Rented a storage spot – a 5×5 indoor unit from Public Storage where we’ll keep the few things we’re not ready to get rid of yet. We’ll continually work on reducing this load as we  go.
  • Switched to Fulltime RV insurance – we’re using Geico for this and so far have been very happy with their rates and service.
  • Tiffani is wrapping up her seasonal job and is about to take on the full time job of planning our move.
  • Streamlined just about everything we own down to just the things we need and want to take.

Before we move, we’ll need to do the following:

  • Put everything into storage that’s going into storage.
  • Find a good temporary home for Tiffani’s artwork.
  • Give away or sell a few last minute things – anyone want a gently used coffee maker or lawn mower?
  • Get a real address from the UPS store, then fill out the change of address form.
  • Clean up our current rental house.
  • Get the Big Weaz cleaned and ready for the onslaught of fulltiming.
  • Learn more about living in an RV during the colder months – avoid frozen pipes, plug any drafts.

So far we’re in pretty good shape for a Feb. 12th move. I’ll keep you updated as we go. As always, thanks for following along!

PS – What are we forgetting???