Typically I don’t like resolutions. It’s really tough to do something life altering until you’re 100% convinced and ready to begin. Setting an arbitrary date such as “first of the year” or “next monday” just gives you another reason to procrastinate. So, instead of resolutions, this year we’re posting guidelines, and we think you should too.

Guidelines steer and evolve. They grow or shrink depending things you learn, and they cover more ground than a specific “quit x” or “stop y.” Resolutions are specific, resolute and final – you achieve them once and you’re done. 2011 will likely be a transitional year for many of us, so it only makes sense that we leave a little wiggle room to grow, and setting guidelines instead of resolutions does just that.

So, here are the guidelines we’ll follow in 2011 and beyond. There are no dates because some we’ve started and most we can’t really “complete.” There are no set goals because we’ll be adding to them as we go.

Live Lightly:

Maximize Money:

Maximize Hours of the Day:

Live Better:

Follow Passions:

Be More Green:

Write Better and More Often:

That’s all for now. Since they’re guidelines and NOT resolutions, we’ll be expanding and altering as we go, especially once we move into the Airstream fulltime.

How about you? What are your 2011 Guidelines?