Month: December 2010

Questions To Ask Before You Buy an Airstream RV

Where to Begin? When we first started researching how to buy an RV, our questions were so basic that it was kind of hard to find the right answers. Of course we could search used Airstreams on ebay, or try our luck finding RVs for sale on craigslist, but the info given was often biased and limited. We just needed to know the basics of what to look for! It turns out that there are lots of resources online to help guide anyone through the process, you just have to know where to look. To save you the hassle,...

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How to Find the Right Airstream for Full Time RV Living

Before we start, a few caveats and assumptions: This guide mainly covers Airstreams and travel trailers, but the same considerations should apply to most any RV you would choose for full time RV Living (Motorhome, Travel Trailer, or Fifth Wheel). You’ve done the necessary soul searching required of anyone thinking about living in an RV full time. Words like “right” and “best” are subjective. I’ll give you the same tips we used to find the best RV for us – but come up with your own list of criteria for what’s important to you. Now on with the show....

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