Although Deke and I have been doing everything possible lately to rid ourselves of paper mail, we happily received the Winter 2010 issue of Airstream Life Magazine. As a self proclaimed magazine junkie, I quickly started flipping through just to glance at what they decided to write about this season.

As I flipped through, something caught my eye… my own name! I turned back and realized that the article titled Technomads was the very one we’d been interviewed for months ago and had almost forgotten about. RG Coleman, fellow Airstreamer and owner of the excellent, found us through Twitter and after looking at our website, she decided that we fit the article profile (along with a few other folks we’ve talked with over the last few years).

Airstream Life Magazine

Read about us in this issue of Airstream Life Magazine!

The topic was (loosely) how to make the most of technology while living in your Airstream. For those of you who know us, this is right up our alley. We have tirelessly studied RV solar panels, HDMI cable installation, RV converters and inverters to figure out what would work for us, say, if we wanted to run the Xbox 360 and sewing machine at the same time while boondocking in the desert.

We were definitely excited to be interviewed for the Airstream Life Magazine
article — I mean we love our Airstream and we love the life we have in it.  And just as others have helped us fall in love with RVing (WBCCI Northern Illinois Chapter!), we hope that what we’ve learned will help others as well, especially in an area that we’re passionate about — technology. Plus we like the magazine! Airstreamers are unique people, and Airstream Life Magazine is designed to target the interests of all of those who have put so much of their lives into their Airstreams.

We’re moving in to our new Airstream, the Big Weaz, full-time in February, (the article refers to our 22′ Airstream International CCD, but we now have a 27′ Airstream International CCD) and we did a few upgrades to make it more like home. We’re working on several articles about those upgrades that will be posted soon.

Read the whole Airstream Life Magazine article here!

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