1 year ago today we made our first post on Weaselmouth.com. Since then, Tiffani and I have managed to change nearly every aspect of our life, and we aren’t letting up any time soon.

Let’s take a look at a few things that have changed for us:

  • We quit our jobs in Chicago.
  • We visited and considered moving to Seattle, WA.
  • I was hired as Sr. Producer at Id Software, the company that made DOOMQuake, Castle Wolfenstein, and more.
  • We moved from Chicago, IL to Dallas, TX after taking said job.
  • We rented an apt with a close friend, Zack
  • We sold our 22′ International CCD Airstream… wait, what???

No, that wasn’t a typo – we actually sold the Weasel. You can read about it here. Why would we do such a thing? Especially now that we finally live in a climate where full timing in the Weas is a real possibility?

Again, a lot can change in a year. Last summer, we wanted nothing more than to sell our belongings and live in the Airstream fulltime. Then the economy tanked. We ended up with a few properties in Chicago that were just not going to sell. When this amazing opportunity came up for me at Id, we rented them out and moved to Texas. This was a great thing for Tiffani and I, and the obvious choice for us – unfortunately, it anchors us in Dallas for the near term future. This really put a kink in our plans of Fulltime Airstreaming, or so we thought.

A few months ago, while searching near Dallas for places to camp, we came upon a few RV parks that allowed people to live year round. Places like Blue Bonnet and Shady Creek, with amenities nicer than many of the local Apartment complexes, allow you to hook up your RV and stay as long as you like, paying day to day, week to week, or month to month. Then it dawned on us – we can take this job AND start our new lives as fulltime Airstreamers at the same time!

To make this possible – well, at least to make it more enjoyable for us – we want a bigger home. One that supports year round living, with enough couch, closet and stand up shower space for two people and a 50lb dog. Yes, we could have made the Weasel work. But with only 22 feet, we decided a larger floorplan offers extras that is worth the investment. After all, this will be our home, and we want to start out on the best footing possible.

So here we are, about to finally embark on the journey we’ve planned for a few years now – Fulltime RV living. To celebrate this, we’ve got a few things planned for Weaselmouth.com. You’ll go along with us as we find our new home which, by the way, is already dubbed the Big Weas. Of course we’re keeping the website! We’ll tell you about our process, or plans, and the lessons we learn along the way.

Also, we’re planning a few new features, such as Campsite and Product Reviews, Modifications, and Fulltime Considerations. Who knows where the site will be in a year?

We really want to keep things interesting and hope you keep coming back for more. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe. If there’s something you’d like to see, please email me or leave a comment. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and keep in touch!